Wonderful spice – cayenne pepper

Cayenne pepper is one of the most famous spices. It is pungent due to a phytochemical known as capsaicin. It has undergone many laboratory and clinical trials to determine its health benefits and warnings. Consider a few facts about this pepper. Blood sugar control Maintaining blood sugar levels is a challenge for many, especially if the diet is dominated by carbohydrates and processed sugars. A recent study suggests that adding spices to the diet helps stabilize blood sugar levels. People who consume capsaicin have lower sugar levels. Prevention of inflammation One study looked at how a particular type of human cancer cell responds to capsaicin. The gradual death of cancer cells due to the use of cayenne pepper has been observed. An overdose of pepper is fraught with overload of the heart In no case do not try to overdo it with the use of pepper. According to research, foods high in capsaicin can lead to a dramatic rise in blood pressure. Colon health A recent laboratory study confirmed that capsaicin can disrupt the mechanisms of colorectal cancer formation and cell growth. Claiming the healing power of cayenne cancer in cancer would be premature, but research is showing encouraging results.

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