Why rice in the pilaf stick together?

Why rice in the pilaf stick together?

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Rice in pilaf sticks together due to the high content of starch in the cereal. The amount depends on the variety and type of grain, the presence of impurities and powder. Risotto sticks together much more than Krasnodar rice or Devzira. The fresher, longer and more intact the croup, the less it is susceptible to this. Grated, crushed, unwashed rice always sticks together.

You can remove excess starch only by thorough rinsing and soaking. The soaked cereals must be mixed, draining the unnecessary, floating starch. The case is being conducted until the next portion of water becomes transparent.

Groats soaked and washed in boiling water will stick together more strongly than washed and soaked in warm water. The longer the rice is boiled and the more liquid in the pan, the more the food will stick together. Overcooked rice will always clump more than undercooked rice.

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