Do I need to soak rice for pilaf?

Do I need to soak rice for pilaf?

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Yes of course. Let’s explain why.

When rice grains get into water, starch is inevitably released, which forms a paste when heated. He will not miss the oil required for quality pilaf. We get a tasteless sticky porridge. Soaking and multiple rinsing of raw cereals will reduce the paste volume.

The experience of cooks shows that the best pilaf comes out when rice is soaked in hot water (about 60 degrees) for 2-3 hours. If you repeat the procedure, the dish will be even tastier. It is worse if the soaking process was carried out with running water. But the use of boiling water gives the worst performance.

You can soak rice in cold water, but make the procedure longer. The only caveat is that the grains will become more fragile and therefore will be more boiled in the dish. But the most crumbly pilaf will be with heated water, which does not cool down. Maintaining a constant temperature will maintain ideal properties. And its differences during flushing will be a negative factor.

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