Food biofield

It turns out that our food also has a biofield, like all living things. A biofield is an invisible structure or energy that is often called “aura” or “soul”. The human body receives this energy from food. It should be noted that even a small fraction of this energy is able to support the vitality of a person. Biofield has many shades. Today it is especially fashionable to talk about this, when you can define and diagnose your aura for a not very high price. Interestingly, the aura of our food is also not the same. Some products have a strong biofield, while others do not have it at all. As you know, as soon as the biofield of living things disappears, they immediately become inanimate, the same happens with our food. In order to determine the biofield of our food, it is necessary to first note the fact that our food is endowed with energy by Nature. Plants breathe soul into their fruits. But one has only to pick the fruit, and its bioenergy slowly begins to decrease. All plants have a different rate of depletion of energy. For example, the biofield of a tomato decreases faster than the biofield of an apple. We ourselves can see this in practice, apples are stored much longer within a year than tomatoes. It is clear that boiled food loses its biofield, but it is still partially preserved. Such food can be consumed only within a day, while in its raw form, we can store food several times longer. As soon as the cooked food is removed from the fire, the biofield begins to disappear with great speed, so it is strongly recommended to eat cooked food immediately or in the first hours after cooking. The cold slows down this process a little. Despite the fact that the calorie content of cooked food may remain unchanged, the amount of bioenergy is lost more and more each time that food is processed. Note that food affects not only the physical state of our body, but also the mental. Irritability, apathy, aggression are all caused by an addiction to unhealthy food. If you look at the modern world, you will notice that the majority of the population professes the cult of food. Cafes, eateries, restaurants are the places where people are striving. A rapidly developing economy, industry, wars, all these are the causes of environmental pollution, destruction of ecosystems, extinction of flora and fauna. And at the heart of all this is the desires of people, warmed up by food. Therefore, the cause of all our troubles lies in our plate, no matter how trite it may sound.


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