Why is body cleansing so important?

Cleansing the body is an important procedure, neglect of which can negate even a comprehensive knowledge of how to eat right. After all, it must be periodically cleaned of a variety of toxins, deposits, poisons, which interfere with the normal functioning of its biophysiological systems. Otherwise, the new products that you decide to try just won’t be able to grow. Figuratively speaking, for them you must prepare an empty and clean vase of perfect cleanliness. A clean body and the problem of its constant cleansing is no less important than proper nutrition. Cleansing the body is the most important part of such nutrition. The concept of a cleansed organism is equally based on proper nutrition and maintaining the purity of all systems and organs.

If the strategy most doctors choose is the desire to stuff the body with drugs, which is sick, then here the theory is presented directly opposite to them. It consists, on the contrary, in the desire to pump out from the body a maximum of chemical residues from drugs consumed throughout life, along with other dirt accumulated in it.

Why is it that our such perfect and multifunctional organisms do not have the ability to self-purify? How is it that if you do not help them, then they begin to clog up and just fall apart?

This happens, as a rule, due to such significant factors:

  • Smoking and suffocating smoke from it, which carries more than 60 varieties of toxic substances, including various kinds of tar;
  • Alcohol, which burns and kills not only the internal organs, but also the psyche;
  • Milkconsumed in large quantities even after a person has passed the milk age. It clogs the insides with oncologically dangerous mucus – a consequence of milk that has not been completely split;
  • Meat in excessive quantities, since people are born to process and chew mostly plant foods;
  • Synthesized substances… If they are at least once broken down by the body, then they will always, until death, remain in the delicate internal organs of a person;
  • Ecological situation, which poisons the air we need for breathing, drinking water, endlessly polluting all organs with all possible emissions from industrial enterprises.

Contamination of the human viscera with substances that enter the body with food, medicine, air and water increases significantly with age. Since the time of Hippocrates, doctors have been busy adding what is missing and “cleaning up” the excess. Nowadays, the task of removing the unnecessary is constantly becoming more difficult. At first, it was enough to use such means of removing dirt and toxic substances from the human body as washing the small intestine and stomach, emetics, laxatives and diaphoretic drugs. Until the 18th century. bloodletting was also popular. In the 20th century. doctors were forced to introduce into practice and an artificial kidney.

And what should medicine do now, while, according to the US Food and Drug Administration, the amount of harmful substances reaches 60-80 thousand? To this should be added the ever-growing danger of the accumulation of deadly radioactive elements in the human body. Regarding the sad consequences of the long use of chemical, medicinal, drugs, they began to lead to various types of immune and endocrine diseases, up to catastrophic, known to everyone. In the forecasts for the 21st century, which were compiled by a group of leading sociologists and physicians of the world, it is noted that periodically there will be a need to purify the liquid media of the human body: bile, blood and others, to constantly renew them so that a person can live to old age without problems.

Based on materials from the book by Yu.A. Andreeva “Three whales of health”.

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