Dream about Alcohol – meaning

What does it mean to drink alcohol in a dream? What do such night dreams portend?

Alcoholic drinks in the human subconscious are associated with fun and relaxation. But in the morning everything is overshadowed by a hangover and a headache. Drinking alcohol in a dream is the same double symbol: on the one hand, fun and relaxation, and on the other, harming your health and poisoning.

According to the interpretation of Vanga’s signs, alcohol in dreams is wealth. If you drink wine in a dream, then your well-being will actually increase. Perhaps a very important event will happen soon. People will be grateful to you. Here alcohol is associated with universal energy, the blood of the Lord.

To accidentally overturn a cup of wine – to shed innocent blood and subsequently regret and repent very much about it. A dream about a broken bottle of wine is a dream on the eve of poverty. However, according to Vanga, a dream is considered a warning, the favor of the stars, and a person can always change the state of things.

Miller’s dream book also gives an interpretation of this dream. Miller’s dream book is convinced that intoxication is a harbinger of a strong feeling. Feeling sincere love not in a dream, but in reality, you will not be able to think soberly, in cold blood, and will begin to make big mistakes. Think about it, is a new love really worth the risk?

For a girl, drinking strong alcoholic drinks in a dream is a kind of warning that she should behave judiciously, in the coming days, frivolity is possible. A lady without hesitation can succumb to the persuasion of her lover.

Such a dream warns men against unjustified waste. Due to his excessive extravagance, a person can lose a large part of his fortune.

Strong alcoholic drinks are always trouble. You will often conflict, quarrel with your friends, relatives because of your addictions. In a broader sense, drinking alcoholic beverages symbolizes an empty loss of vital energy.

Freud interprets the use of alcohol as sexual thirst. Drinking alcoholic beverages symbolizes unbridled sexual desire or the desire to experience forbidden pleasure, which is associated with the desire to remove social, moral barriers. This desire for a quick sexual act.

The students and followers of Freud considered the topic of alcohol much more widely. Drinking alcohol in a dream indicates a desire to remove the strict rules of everyday life. Drinking alcohol in a dream is a desire to expand your emotional side of life when reality simply does not bring a feeling of joy.

Drinking alcohol in a dream means being unhappy in reality, falling into melancholy.

To watch the actions of a drunk person is to commit some kind of stupidity, which you will have to greatly regret in the future.

Alcoholic drinks symbolize the dreamer’s dependence on the opinions of others. To be drunk yourself – hopes will be broken. Drink a lot of alcohol and stay sober – all ideas and labors will be rewarded.

Drinking beer in a dream – calm down, this is a symbol of the end of experiences. And warm beer, on the contrary, means sadness and suffering. To drink wine is to live well and be loved by God.

Cooking wine in a dream means losing important property, money.

Wine according to Michel Nostradamus symbolizes a peaceful life, prosperity, economy, as well as vice. To see wine on the table among other products and weapons next to it means that a peaceful life will be possible as long as the tradition of hospitality established by the ancestors exists in the country.

Pale pink wine in a transparent glass is a bad sign. Deception and murder through poisoning are possible. It is sanctioned by official services, and acquaintances will arrange it so that no one suspects anything. In particular, one should beware of acquaintances with the opposite sex.

Huge vineyards, strong red-haired men make wine – a dream with such a plot suggests that the dreamer has a blood connection with Germany. He will have the opportunity to move to his historical homeland. There he will live quite well and, if he respects local traditions, he will become a rich and prosperous person.

We saw large old amphoras full of wine – you will have to think carefully before you decide to answer the question, which will soon take over the mind and soul. However, this will be possible only in the case of maintaining relations with the previous generation and knowledge of the pedigree.

In a dream, some people poisoned someone with wine – a waking sacrifice will bring good luck to your life; there will be a series of “accidental” luck.

To see a river of wine, and wild and domestic animals drink from it, and then fall exhausted on the shore – this dream suggests that summer will be an extremely favorable time for commerce: people will be in a peaceful mood and ready to compromise.

Drinking wine from a golden goblet – a dream predicts that in reality you will be so carried away by your illusions that you will lose touch with the real world.

We saw in a dream how you spilled wine on your clothes – make a rash decision, and it will affect your relationship with the person on whom your material wealth depends.

If in a dream you were drowning in wine, you will be forced to while away your time alone.

You are treated with wine – this suggests that excessive frankness will harm you, and your ill-wishers will get a reason to gloat.

When a person wants to drink in a dream, he should wait for empty activities that are undesirable for him.

To be very drunk in a dream is to become seriously ill in reality.

Watching drunk people in any institution is a symbol of confusion in life. Perhaps the dreamer leads the wrong way of life, which is recommended to be reconsidered.

Pour wine in a dream – to face irreparable problems. Treat someone with wine – find out about the death of this person.

Drinking alcohol alone – take on back-breaking work. At the same time, it is impossible to refuse the one who asked for it. Dangerous situations must be avoided.

We saw red, thick wine – there will be passionate love. They drank wine – love will intoxicate you. White, liquid wine dreams that you are seduced or, when you drink, you seduce others.

According to Eastern experts, alcohol in a dream is a sign of problems, frustration, unhappiness, unfulfilled hopes, disappointment, and life’s difficulties.

The plot, in which alcohol was present, means that soon you will find yourself at a holiday or a party. You will meet and chat with friends. The stronger the drink was in a dream, the more intense and interesting the event will be.

Don’t turn down holiday invitations. Arrange yourself a rest more often and be in the company of friends – this will become a source of positive impressions.

Many bottles of alcohol prophesy an invitation to a social event. You will go to a celebration or corporate party, which you will regret later. There you will be drawn into a fight or forced to commit a frivolous act. If there were many bottles of alcohol on the supermarket counter, you need to rest. The work took away almost all vital forces. It will be possible to restore them with the help of a short vacation.

Drinking alcohol in a dream – for entertainment, vivid emotions, relaxation. You will experience pleasure, but this feeling will be short-lived and possibly lead to negative consequences.

Bottles of alcohol dream of expensive purchases. Soon you will be able to purchase the thing that you have long dreamed of. Before planning purchases, soberly assess your financial situation. Make sure that your expenses are not at the expense of the family budget.

Strong alcohol symbolizes trouble, a decline in vitality and the loss of good opportunities. Diseases, conflicts and losses are not excluded, for which you will have no one to blame. You provoke them yourself.

Also, the plot, where strong alcohol was present, indicates dissatisfaction with life as a whole or its intimate component. Subconsciously, you seek to change your sexual partner or force him to experiment.


Dreams with alcohol are quite common. What else can a drink dream about? It is worth considering, since in most dream books such a dream is negative. The dream book will help to more accurately interpret your dreams if you remember what exactly you used and what emotions you experienced during your dreams.

By correctly determining what alcohol is in the dream of in a dream, you can not only calculate your actions in advance, but also better understand your feelings. The main thing is to take into account all the details of your vision when interpreting a dream.

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