Dream about a Car – meaning

The car has long been an integral part of every person’s life. Many people drive themselves every day. What does it mean to see a car in a dream?

A car in a dream can raise many questions for the dreamer. The dream book interprets the car as a symbol of moving forward along the path of life, therefore all interpretations have a symbolic meaning.

According to the dream book Wangi a dream involving a car is mostly positive. Such a vision portends travel and new projects.

If something happens to the car in a dream, it breaks down or it is stolen, then this means that the projects of the questioner will not come true.

Driving a car in a dream – to ailments and fuss. Getting out of the car after a trip – on the contrary, to the successful completion of affairs.

Being thrown out of the car on the go – to failure and betrayal by loved ones, you should be more attentive to the environment and change plans to more realistic ones.

In addition, according to Vanga’s dream book, the color of the vehicle is important:

A white car dreams of career advancement, profit.

Yellow color – to stagnation in business, no changes in the situation are expected.

Orange and red car – to career success, the dreamer will be lucky.

A blue car dreams of a dormant period. If before that there were difficulties, then they are far behind.

According to the dream book Miller a car in a dream means some kind of project that will benefit as a result, but will require the investment of considerable effort and resources from the questioner.

If the car met in a dream is old or dirty, then attempts to improve the financial situation will not be successful, interference and intrigues from enemies will follow.

To suffer in a dream from a car – to problems in business, loss of money, failures in business.

A car that breaks down on the road – to the loss of a friend, family quarrels, disagreements with loved ones, troubles with neighbors.

To see any emergency car – in case of accidents, you should be more careful and take care of safety.

The car, as a complex mechanism, according to Freud, is one of the brightest and most powerful phallic and male symbols.

If in a dream you have several cars, then in reality you have several sexual partners at the same time.

Driving at high speed means enjoying sexual relations with a partner.

Careful driving or driving at low speed speaks of insecurity in the chosen partner and your very serious attitude to this problem.

A ride in a passing car suggests that, alas, your sexual contacts are irregular. Car repairs indicate a strong desire for intercourse.

Caring for a car speaks of good physical shape and high tone of the body.

Repairing a serviceable car indicates that you have a rather developed inferiority complex or your preference for having sex with elements of masochism.

The intentional breakdown of your car indicates a desire to achieve your goal in any way, while you are ready to use all your cunning and even deceit.

Driving a car into a garage, tunnel or other enclosed space means the satisfaction of intercourse.

Being in a car in an open desert area or on a beach means anxiety about upcoming contact.

If your car was robbed, smashed or broken, then in reality you can get a disease or injury to the genitals.

Freud interpreted seeing an old or broken car in a dream as sexual diseases or sexual disorders, and the loss or puncture of a wheel as impotence.

If you run over someone or get hit by a car yourself, this symbolizes sexual intercourse.

A car can be dreamed of only because it is the most convenient means of transportation. In this case, the emphasis in interpretation should be shifted to the rest of the content of the dream. However, if the car is clearly one of the central elements, then this image deserves close attention.

Buying a car is either the realization of a desire or a symbolic solution to a problem. Such a dream reflects the desire to acquire something that in reality you cannot afford.

If you buy a car at the car market, your dream just helps you make the right choice.

If you are driving a car yourself, pay attention to the passengers: these are people towards whom you have a special sense of responsibility. And it can be characters from different areas of your life. What matters is how you connect with them and where you are going – to one destination or to different ones.

As you know, Nostradamus lived at a time when the cars familiar to us were not invented. But even in those days, the first primitive vehicles appeared. Therefore, the famous predictor already then described what vehicles similar to cars could dream of. Here are some interpretations gleaned from his books:

to drive calmly and measuredly – you have made the right choice in life and are slowly moving towards the fulfillment of your dream;

if the transport on the road breaks down or slows down – do not expect the fulfillment of desires and goals in the near future;

loss of control over the vehicle – life will present unexpected problems and failures.

Evgeny Tsvetkov interpreted dreams about the car as follows:

  • lead yourself to poverty;
  • riding in a car is an indicator of how your personal life is developing;
  • park – a break in relations awaits in reality.

According to the esoteric dream book, driving a car in a dream means that in reality you like to command and manage people, and you do it as skillfully as you drive a car.

To ride backwards – you have become like those who previously commanded earlier.

The dream in which you buy a car means that in reality you will have the opportunity to advance in your career.

To dream of a chic car that is inaccessible in life – to losses and losses. Your car may have been stolen.

If you dream of an old, broken car, then you will have the opportunity to make good money, and possibly buy a new car in reality.

According to the Islamic dream book, the car personifies the various undertakings of the dreamer. When interpreting what you see, you should carefully study other details of the dream – who was the fellow traveler, the color and condition of the car, the trip itself and the sensations from it.

If the car is in good condition, then the dreamer’s project will be carried out easily and success and profit await him at the end. In cases where the car is old, breaks down, and the trip brings discomfort, this means that difficulties await the questioner on the way to the goals.

Fellow travelers from a dream will point to real people who can help, or, on the contrary, prevent the dreamer from carrying out his plans.

It is important to consider who dreamed about the car. Depending on the gender, age and state of health of the dreamer, a symbol from a dream can mean diametrically opposite things.

If a person does not drive in reality, he may wonder if this promises to buy an “iron horse” in reality.

If you were the owner of the car in a dream, then pay attention to what it was like. Remember everything in detail: expensive or cheap, clean or dirty, new or old. After all, a car in a dream is your vision of yourself in life, your self-esteem, your own value.

According to the dream book, driving a car in a dream means successful progress towards goals.

For a girl, a dream involving a car predicts a future romance that will begin very soon. If in a dream there was a fellow traveler in the car, then it is important to remember who it was, perhaps he is the future lover.

For a married woman, a dream portends a strengthening of relations with her soulmate, the marriage will be happy, the family will be strong.

For a man, such a dream promises quick profits, success in business, career advancement. If in a dream there was a fellow traveler in a car with a dreamer, then the dream speaks of a possible future romantic relationship with this woman. Friends in the car and a trip with them – to strengthen friendship.

For a pregnant woman, a dream about traveling in a car is interpreted based on the circumstances of the dream: if the trip is pleasant and comfortable, then the dream portends an easy pregnancy and childbirth.

A white car in a dream symbolizes your clean, bright, spotless life path. Your subconscious mind agrees with the choice of the mind, you have chosen the right path of realization that suits you. In other words, you are in harmony of soul and mind. A white car is a symbol that you will succeed.

A dream in which the car was black means that on the way to the goal you will have to face serious obstacles, show willpower and character. But this in no way means that you have chosen the wrong path. Black car – future problems. But you, having overcome them, will become much stronger and more experienced in your business.

Seeing a red car in a dream means a strong experience, an outburst of emotions. There is a very disturbing and exciting situation going on in your life right now. It will bring significant changes in your life. If you are not currently experiencing a similar situation in yourself, expect that it will appear soon and radically change your life.

A green car also means success in business: you are on the right track. This dream symbolizes a kind of “green light” to your business. The whole Universe will be on your side, because the chosen path is your true destiny, destined from above.

Yellow car warns – get ready for change! Moreover, changes can be expected literally in everything: from mood to personal life.

If you saw a specific situation: an accident or the arrival of an ambulance, this can be considered a characteristic of your affairs. For example, the arrival of an ambulance means that some important problem has been “idle” for a long time and requires prompt intervention on your part.

If you saw someone else’s car, then pay attention to what role you played in a dream. If you were a driver, then you secretly envy other people’s successes, you want to gain his fame and material values.

If you dreamed that you were in an accident, this can be considered a kind of “shake”. The subconscious is trying to convey to you that your life has acquired the wrong meaning, you have turned off the right path. It is worth stopping and understanding your true desires and feelings.

Only they will lead to real goals, which, in turn, will give you happiness. If someone close to you was in an accident, this promises him a long and happy life. But if in a dream you knocked down a person, a black streak will come in your life. See also: why dream of a car accident with my participation.

According to the dream book, a car was stolen in a dream – it means a lack of some values ​​​​in life. You are not fulfilled enough both in your career and in family relationships. Start in the dream, set goals for yourself and move towards their achievement!


Any interpretation of dreams related to a car is a reflection of someone’s life experience. If you see a negative interpretation, do not rush to take it entirely upon yourself. Only your feelings can give a true explanation of any situation. Listen to your intuition – so you can avoid any predicted problem! Good dreams to you!

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