Why don’t doctors like vegetarians?

Do you have a “favorite” doctor? First in the West, and now in our country, “family” doctors have become popular. These generalists are aware of all the sores of a particular family, which allows them to make the most complete picture of the disease. Doctors also have favorite patients.

Patient is translated from Latin as “patiently enduring”. But what does he endure? He endures his illness, endures medical procedures and is ready to endure further. It is with what regret that some doctors observe how more and more people are losing their patience, starting to look for ways to improve and find it in vegetarianism. Notice that they do not engage in the notorious self-treatment, but begin to lead a fundamentally new lifestyle!

This category of people is the most “irresponsible”, the most unloved part of the population. Partially taking healing lessons from nature for free, borrowing funds from it (herbs, stones, clay, substances), doctors create drugs that cost a lot of money. The senseless consumption of “drugs” by a person boils down to the fact that he maintains his body in a state of illness, only making his life more or less tolerable. And vegetarians are a threat to global pharmaceuticals and individual businessmen in white coats, because:

  • Vegetarianism is just a healthy diet, but a healthy mindset and a healthy lifestyle in general.
  • Vegetarians do not need drugs from a pharmacy – nature itself prevents diseases with its products, which people receive without killing.
  • Those cases when a vegetarian is forced to turn to traditional medicine cannot enrich doctors, since the course of viral infections is easier than in meat-eaters with a slagging body. When it comes to hereditary diseases (of course, so many previous generations did not take care of themselves!), And here we see an excellent picture: allergies can be cured without the use of drugs.

If it were limited to this, but – no: vegetarians want everyone to become like them. This infuriates doctors so much that they declared vegetarians insane according to the WHO (World Health Organization)! Of course, there were people who said to these scientists, they say, are you completely overeating meat?! But WHO is still there: beyond logic and objectivity. Is it any wonder if the largest oil producing and refining companies have already invested huge sums of money in order for the doctrine to declare that the greenhouse effect problem does not exist? And this has its effect on the consciousness of a certain part of the population. When it comes to money, not everyone agrees to betray science, medicine. But when it comes to very big money, at least by the standards of ordinary people, traitors multiply like an infection. Pharmaceutics cannot just give up its positions. Its adherents have maintained and will continue to maintain the idea that their pills are what people need. And lazy people who care little about their future accept this as the truth. Note that the greatest sanity is seen in the ranks of the vegetarians, despite the occasional eccentric action in the defense of animals. This is because a vegetarian lifestyle promotes clear thinking and an ethical outlook. This drives psychiatrists into a permanent frenzy. Headshot pills are expensive, and treating mental illness is a long story. And what, downright traditional medicine is not needed for Vegs? No, it is needed – in order to show the difference between “patients” who voluntarily put themselves on the altar of Hippocrates, and vegetarians who have no plans to support the “pill” magnates. Make the right choice by eliminating animal foods from your diet first. Moreover, with additives and drugs, the harm from meat products is undeniable even by meat-eaters.

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