grounding meditation

One of the most important aspects of many esoteric teachings is “grounding”. It is the basis of our ability for harmonious growth and development. Without grounding, we feel insecure, anxious, a sense of innocence. Consider a simple meditation that will lead you to a sense of balance.

1. Preparation

  • Turn off all electronic devices: smartphones, TVs, computers, etc.
  • Find a quiet, cozy place where you can spend 15-20 minutes alone. If it is possible to sit on the ground with bare feet (on the beach, lawn), then the practice will become even more effective.
  • Sit upright in a comfortable chair with your feet flat on the ground (Don’t cross your legs – the energy has to flow through you!).
  • Hands can be left hanging at the sides, or placed on your knees with your palms up. Make sure you are comfortable in the accepted position.

2. Focusing on the breath means a lot when grounding.

  • Close your eyes, put your attention on your breath.
  • Inhale through your nose, slowly and deeply. Feel your belly expand as you inhale. Exhale. Feel your stomach relax.
  • Continue to concentrate on this breathing until the rhythm is established and the breathing becomes natural.
  • Let your body relax completely. Tension is released from all muscles. Feel how good you are.

3. Start rendering

  • Imagine an amazing golden light passing through your crown chakra (sahasrara). Light radiates warmth and protection.
  • Allow the light to flow peacefully through your body, opening each of the chakras. Once it reaches the root chakra (Muladhara) at the base of your coccyx, you will realize that your energy centers are open and balanced.
  • The stream of golden light continues to pass through you, reaching your toes. This is a very soft, but at the same time powerful light. It goes through your feet into the ground. It flows like a waterfall until it reaches the Earth’s core.

4. Direct “grounding”

  • You gently slide down the “golden waterfall” to the center of the Earth. When you reach the surface, you are surprised by the beauty of the view before you. Trees full of life, flowers and, of course, the “golden waterfall”!
  • You see a cozy, warm bench. You sit on it, finding yourself in the center of this magnificent nature.
  • You take a deep breath, remembering that you are at the very center of the Earth. You are happy from complete unity with the Earth.
  • Near the bench you notice a large hole. This is the place where you dump all the accumulated excess energy. The inner turmoil, the disturbing feelings that you send into the hole in the earth, will be recycled and directed to the benefit of humanity.
  • Let it all go! There is no need to be attached to something that does not belong to you. Release energy until you feel calm, whole and safe, in a word, “grounded”.
  • Once you’re done, you’ll see white light radiating from the hole. He gently guides you back to his body. And although you have returned to your body, you feel great “grounding”.
  • According to your feelings, start moving your fingers and toes, open your eyes. Whenever you feel an imbalance in yourself, unnecessary distracting thoughts and experiences, close your eyes and remember your “journey” to the center of the Earth.

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