Dream About Eggs – meaning

Since ancient times, the egg has been considered a symbol of the sun, the birth and continuation of life. Does this mean that chicken eggs dream of replenishment in the family? Various dream books say: not everything is so simple and much depends on the details of the dream.

In general, a dream, the key subject of which was eggs, is quite favorable. The subtleties of interpretation largely depend on the details of sleep: what a person does with this product, what color, shape, size, etc. it is. All the details of the dream, even the most insignificant, should be tried to reproduce in detail after waking up. You can find out the interpretation of such a dream by referring to the most popular dream books.

According to Vanga, eggs in a dream are a symbol of life. Then a dream with the broken portends danger. It is possible that these will be natural disasters. And to cook them – to drought and lack of harvest. Vanga predicted that all rivers would dry up, and animals and plants would begin to die. And in order to survive, people will have to change.

This dream book interprets dreams based on the dreamer’s actions and the state of the eggs:

Dreamed of rotten eggs in a dream? This is to the loss of a large amount of money as a result of fraud, fraud. If you happen to taste rotten chicken eggs, expect unpleasant events, you should prepare for losses and hardships. This will especially affect the business sphere of life.

Dreamed of broken, but fresh? A clear mind will help you reach heights in an activity or hobby. You may even get a high position in society and respect from many people.

Eat on the street or in a chicken coop – to life in abundance and abundance.

To see a nest in the forest – you will find happiness in family life and prosperity. For women who saw such a dream, Miller predicted love of love.

Psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud believed that a dream about eggs portends a meeting with a man for a woman. The size of manhood will pleasantly surprise a woman. For a man, a dream also promises that in the near future he will meet a person with a very large sexual organ. Perhaps it will happen in the bath or somewhere else.

Broken eggs symbolize your thoughtless words and expressions. Such behavior can offend someone from your environment and leave a complex to the person. Freud advises restraint in the manifestation of their emotions. Easter eggs in a dream mean a boring intimate life, you may need to add color.

Psychologist by education, priest by vocation, David Loff – an extraordinary personality. Our contemporary sincerely believes that the interpretation of dreams is not an easy task. And it is very important to take into account the personality of the dreamer, as well as his mental and emotional state, social status. If you saw an unusual dream about eggs, look through the popular dream book. Does the hen lay eggs? It is a symbol of material wealth and mental health. But there are also negative interpretations according to Loff’s dream book. It all depends on the details of the dream. Here are some of them: to clean an egg – partners will be drawn into a scam; eat eggs – dubious and unpromising ideas will not bring the desired success and enrichment; a broken egg is a harbinger of broken hopes due to wrong decisions.

In the dream book of Nostradamus there are many interpretations of various images. The egg in it symbolizes life, its origin and rebirth. Here are a few meanings of dreams in which I had to see eggs: If a pregnant woman dreamed of an egg from which a living creature hatches, then she will have a quick and successful birth.

Find a big egg in a dream – soon you will find an unusual egg in reality.

Breaking an egg is a harbinger of crime, murder. If you broke, you will have to commit a crime (voluntarily or involuntarily).

Did someone else break the egg in the dream? Soon you will witness the deprivation of a person’s life.

If you happened to see eggs in a dream, Tsvetkov recommends paying attention to their number: one or a maximum of a couple of eggs seen in a dream portends unexpected guests;

many eggs to the successful completion of affairs, luck, wealth;

a huge number of eggs – a symbol of small worries, chores.

Dreamed of broken eggs? Expect loss of wealth.

According to this dream book, a chicken egg is a symbol of the birth of an heir. The presence of a cracked shell warns of the need to treat your pregnancy very carefully. You need to be afraid of miscarriage and beware of abortion. Easter eggs say that children will respect their parents all their lives.

Eggs, according to Muslim beliefs, are a symbol of women, childbearing, as well as family and prosperity.

The boiled egg that you hold in your hand symbolizes the solution to tormenting problems.

Eat cooked (boiled or fried) eggs – for profit.

There is a raw egg – to enrichment dishonestly, which is listed as a sin in the Koran.

If you dreamed that a chicken laid an egg, then wait for the heir.

In a dream, a woman gave birth to an egg? Her child is far from faith.

But if an egg was presented in a dream, then the son or daughter will be very pious in the future.

The dream of chicken eggs prophesies success and prosperity. You will become more industrious, more entrepreneurial and more prudent, which will allow you to change your position to a higher paying one or double your business income. Self-confidence and the support of loved ones will give strength for triumphant accomplishments.

Goose eggs predict the onset of favorable events. You will put an end to unsuccessful job searches, recover from a long illness, make a successful acquisition, expand your circle of like-minded people, or find a way to capitalize on your talents. For stability and success to knock on your door, listen to your inner voice more often.

Quail eggs dream of money. Soon you will be made happy by an unexpected bonus, a forgotten debt, an enviable inheritance from a blood relative, or profit from a project that previously seemed unpromising. Unplanned profits will cover part of the running costs.

Ostrich eggs symbolize upcoming unrest. They will arise against the background of the news heard, the incident seen, the scandal that broke out, the progressive disease, or the forced separation from the second half. If you can pull yourself together in time, you will see the positive aspects in this situation.

Duck eggs portend news. They will act under unusual circumstances and affect a person whom you know well. The emotions you experienced will distract you from completing work assignments or push you to a frivolous act.

Boiled eggs seen in a dream symbolize activity, determination and determination. Thanks to these qualities, you will succeed in the business field and improve your financial situation. After the next launched project or the signing of a lucrative contract, the list of your ill-wishers will be replenished with new names.

Raw eggs are a good symbol in dreams. He promises the conquest of new professional heights, good health, financial independence and harmony in his personal life. A sharp turn will take place in your life, which will bring you closer to the desired events.

The plot of fried eggs has to do with people close to you. Most likely, fateful changes will occur in the life of one of them, which will affect your future. Moving a friend or raising a blood relative will help you meet your soulmate or open a private business.

Broken eggs portend losses. They will be the result of your oversights or the active actions of competitors. Mindfulness will prevent mistakes that will cost you a bonus or a broken deal.

Cracked eggs – to lack of money and need.

The dream of rotten eggs brings sadness. On the basis of the news received, the diagnosis, the thwarted project or an unpleasant meeting, you will be in frustrated feelings. Hanging out with friends or doing what you love will soothe your soul.

Spoiled eggs – be frivolous in handling money.

Big eggs predict money. The source of their income may be not only the main work. A gambling win or a bank transfer from a close relative will open the door to new opportunities.

A dream about small eggs suggests that talent will soon wake up in you. A talent you didn’t even know existed. It is advised to devote yourself to art for a while, now you will notice everything more accurately than usual, and you will easily find something that will light a fire in your eyes.

I dreamed of an egg with an embryo – tune in to an important meeting. It will take place with a future employer, a prospective admirer or a potential client. It depends on the concentration and consistency in the presentation of thoughts in what mood you will return home.

Eggs in the fridge – create a solid foundation for the future.

The appearance of eggs plays one of the main roles in the interpretation of sleep. By color, you can determine what events will occur in the dreamer’s life in the near future. If the shell of the eggs in a dream is white, wait for the guests to visit. The meeting may be sudden. Perhaps the owner of the dream will not have to receive visitors, but, on the contrary, go to meet them by invitation.

Black eggs symbolize that the dreamer is threatened by evil, someone else’s deceit. Not a good sign, but noticed in time, it will help smooth the situation.

The interpretation also depends on the circumstances:

collect in a chicken coop – to the imminent financial well-being;

get out of nests – to improve mental and physical health;

the girl dreams of collecting – for an early marriage (the number of eggs represents the future prosperity of the family);

buying or selling is a good sign that can mean the beginning of a romantic relationship or other positive changes. Heavy, exhausted choice at the time of purchase – to routine matters.

Selling eggs in a dream promises financial ruin. The dream came to save the dreamer from loss – for this it is necessary to begin to take urgent measures to strengthen the situation.

The process of preparing this product in a dream is a sure sign that intrigues are woven around the dreamer. Among the environment it is necessary to identify unscrupulous, mercenary people.

Eat raw in a dream – to joyful events, if you like the taste, and to sad ones, when there is an aversion to the product.

There are boiled – for anxiety, fried eggs – for profit.

To hold a boiled chicken egg in the palm of your hand in a dream is to solve a long-standing problem in reality. Soon the dreamer will feel relieved, as if a mountain will fall from his shoulders.

A dream predicts financial collapse as a result of a rash purchase, transaction, investment. For some time, it is necessary to carefully control costs, otherwise the dreamer will never fulfill his cherished dream.


In general, the dream has favorable interpretations. It is a symbol of the birth of new life and change, a sign of wealth and prosperity. Basically, seeing this product in a dream is a harbinger of good events for the dreamer. Remember this interpretation and believe in it, and then you will really see a change for the better. And we wish you only good dreams!

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