Prophetic dream: what days do you dream, how to see and decipher it?

Knowing when and on what days dreams with special meaning occur, you can learn to decipher these clues and change your life.

According to various sources, from a quarter to a half of the population of Russia believes in prophetic dreams. Moreover, many claim that they experienced the corresponding experience at least once in their lives. Is it possible to see the future in a dream – we understand in this article.

Prophetic dreams are mentioned in the earliest literary monuments. Aristotle dedicated to them the treatise On Predictions in Dreams. The philosopher solved the paradox of prophetic dreams in the usual way for the ancient Greeks – he declared such dreams a gift from the gods. Prophetic dreams were testified by Abraham Lincoln and Albert Einstein, Rudyard Kipling and Mark Twain – and tens of thousands of other people.

However, modern science says that prophetic dreams are a kind of psychic clues. Scientists attribute this to various objective and subjective reasons. In the scientific community, it is believed that sleep in its fast phase, just when we dream, facilitates the assimilation of information, memorization.

During sleep, the brain sorts and classifies these data, establishes connections between them, and perhaps deduces from their totality the inevitability of events whose logic is not available to us in the waking state. Perhaps this could be an excellent explanation for some dreams. But a person cannot always distinguish when he has prophetic dreams, and when the brain simply draws meaningless pictures.

At the same time, studies have shown that more educated people are less likely to believe in prophetic dreams. But the hypothesis that women are prone to this was confirmed. Also, prophetic dreams come to older people – their ragged intermittent sleep contributed to this. There was a connection with medications. A healthy person dreams several times a night during fast phases, but never remembers them. However, some sleeping pills can change the structure of sleep and preserve memories after waking up.

Experts say it is possible to learn to recognize dreams with meaning and understand why they dream. You can even calculate when the “dream prophecy” will come true.

As a rule, they come when necessary and do not depend on the day of the month. Some prophetic dreams occur at times when a major decision needs to be made, or shortly before the need for that decision may arise. Most people do not connect these events with each other, but if you carefully recall your visions a few days before serious problems, you can recall that some of them contain hints of imminent events.

Although a prophetic dream can occur on any day, many practitioners note an increased likelihood of such an event on certain days of the lunar cycle. Experienced interpreters associate this with the phases of the moon, noting a certain pattern.

Growing. During the growing moon, short-term prophecies are dreamed, which can be fulfilled no later than in a few days.

Full moon. On a full moon, you may have a prophetic dream, which is distinguished by brightness and distinctness, which will be very difficult not to remember.

Descending. In the waning moon, disturbing events and predictions are dreamed, which serve as direct clues on how to act in a given situation.

New moon. On the new moon, people are able to see the distant future and the path that should be taken over the next month or even year.

Knowing when and on what days dreams with special meaning occur, you can learn to decipher these clues and change your life.

From Sunday to Monday: apply what you dream about to your family, relationships at home. If the dream is bad, this can mean a quarrel with household members, destruction, chaos, for example, a chandelier falling or flooding. Such dreams do not often come true – do not get hung up on them much.

Monday to Tuesday: here are more thoughts about your life path, which can be displayed in a dream. But this is wishful thinking, not reality. These dreams have no direct connection with the future.

Tuesday to Wednesday: these dreams also do not carry important information. It is worth just enjoying the process of sleep.

From Wednesday to Thursday: dreams during this period definitely come true and quickly. Apply this knowledge to your career, work, or your other occupation (hobby that generates income). Maybe they do not point to you, but to people close to you, this is a matter of interpretation.

Thursday to Friday: dreams during this period almost always come true. These dreams are about your spiritual world, experiences, joys, anxieties. This means that soon you will find an emotional upsurge and a surge of energy, or, conversely, you will get confused in your thoughts, do not wake up to know what you want. It all depends on what you dreamed and what you felt in your dream.

Friday to Saturday: Dreams show a short-term level. Events of a domestic nature related to you or your family. Will come true soon.

Saturday to Sunday: These dreams do not concern you. They will tell about the fate of people nearby and they will not come true right away.

Not all people see prophetic dreams at the right time, exactly when it is needed. In most cases, this process cannot be controlled, since receiving a prophecy is a craft of fate, not a person. If you have a difficult and exciting event ahead of you, and you want to know in advance what the coming day is preparing for you, you can use special techniques.

Relax and meditate. Bathing with oils, meditation and normal rest helps well.

Spend the night alone. To see a prophetic dream, it is best to stay alone. Try to make sure that nothing distracts you at night.

Focus on the problem. When you feel that you are already falling asleep, say the phrase several times: “Let me dream about what should come true” and clearly imagine the problem that you want to solve with it.

To believe or not to believe in prophetic dreams, it’s up to you. The human brain is capable of taking in much more information than it can process. In most cases, such dreams are the result of hard work of the brain, which we consciously do not have time to do. Our subconscious is able to better analyze the information coming from outside and predict the further development of events.

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