Where to find friends if you are a vegan or vegetarian

In the frantic pace of life of cities, the following picture is observed: there are a huge number of people around, but no one is immune from the feeling of loneliness. What to do is a side effect of urbanization. But even in such conditions it is possible to find like-minded people, friends who will share the worldview, who will adequately perceive interests! As they say, “you need to know the place.” We decided to help you find vegetarian or vegan friends.

Yoga centers

Doing yoga and eating meat is like carrying water in a sieve. The yogi’s body becomes healthier, and spoiling it with meat simply does not make sense. Yes, and the attitude to the world around yogis is more ethical and humane than that of meat-eaters. Yoga clubs and centers are a very good place to build relationships. And the ever-increasing number of people who want to deal with this system makes the chances of finding even the “second half” extremely high. There are practically no cons. Only when professional yogis gather, according to the observations of participants in conferences and other meetings, are they more interested in gaining authority than establishing trusting relationships with like-minded people. Nothing human, in a word, is alien to them.

Neo-pagan societies

In the new Russian paganism, vegetarianism is very well treated. Common ideological foundations with Hindu currents allow vegans, vegetarians to find a common language with neo-pagans. However, there are also disadvantages: when you belong to a different faith, you run the risk of being misunderstood.

Folk art

As a more compromise option – visiting circles of folk art. Creativity expands the boundaries of consciousness, in creative circles it is not customary to become isolated in one’s own ideology. You can go and learn wood carving, straw weaving and other almost forgotten crafts. It’s fun and you’ll make more friends.

Ethno-, folk-concerts

It doesn’t matter if you are 18 or 35, or maybe older – concerts of ethno and folk groups gather not only music lovers, but also everyone who sympathizes with the movement of the spiritual and cultural revival of the people. As a rule, many of them are both vegans and vegetarians. Among the minuses, one can single out only the presence of incomprehensible loitering people at small concerts and the low level of organization of events.

Presentations, exhibitions

Vegetarian press, films, various products are presented at presentations, exhibitions. This means that the presence of a mass of people of a similar worldview is guaranteed! Relaxed atmosphere, coffee breaks are conducive to free communication. In principle, there are no minuses, except for the nuance that many people at the exhibitions are busy with the primary task: to find business partners. The second and subsequent days are allotted for establishing informal contacts. But it’s better to come on the first day – it’s more interesting.

Social Networks

On the one hand, not everyone manages to give themselves the desired amount of time. Almost all the time for many people is occupied by work. This, as well as the development of digital information technologies, make it possible to compensate for this shortcoming. Social networks are the fastest way to find like-minded people. But is it simple? Indeed, when meeting in “real life”, we evaluate a person’s behavior according to a large number of criteria. Non-verbal signals give us much more than a completely filled out personal information card. Unfortunately, there are inadequate people on social networks, and it will take time to find real friends, perhaps a little nervous. This method is good for everyone whose communication with friends mostly takes place through social networks.


A trip to India for some holiday popular among Hindu vegans or “sympathizers” can bring you not only a lot of impressions, souvenirs, but also friendship. The meeting of compatriots in the “overseas” countries is a surprise, and quite often a pleasant one. A lot depends on your mood too, and you know about it. Therefore, what kind of friends you will have depends not so much on the place, the conditions of acquaintance, but on yourself, on the spiritual, intellectual level at which you are, as well as on emotional maturity.


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