What do you need to know about egg yolks if you care about the health

Chicken egg is beneficial for the human body. It’s a simple protein source; the protein albumin and the yolk has vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, and cholesterol. Precisely because many people ignore the consumption of the yolk, giving preference to proteins. Is this correct?

The cholesterol from the yolk actually is a necessary component for the synthesis of hormones and cell membranes. The use of egg yolks, contrary to popular belief, does not lead to an unhealthy level of cholesterol in the blood. On the contrary, egg cholesterol helps to replace the lack of calcium in the blood and lowers “bad” cholesterol. Besides, such a useful protein is poorly absorbed without the important ingredients of the yolk. That doesn’t mean the eggs you can eat uncontrollably, but to panic about it is not worth it.

What do you need to know about egg yolks if you care about the health

Vitamins contained in the protein is primarily a group necessary for metabolic processes in the body. Also, vitamin a that promotes tissue regeneration and strengthens the immune system. Vitamin D, we need the skeleton and displays the body of heavy metals. Vitamin E is an antioxidant responsible for rejuvenation.

Protein also contains B vitamins and blood clotting vitamin K.

The yolk contains lecithin, which removes excess bad cholesterol and promotes weight loss. Linolenic acid from the yolk – an unsaturated essential fatty acid that the human body itself cannot produce but desperately needs it.

The yolk has a lot of choline, which improves metabolism and normalizes the exchange of fat. As well as melatonin, which normalizes blood pressure and regulates the endocrine system

The yolk also contains proteins, which in combination with the “good” fats are better absorbed.

It is believed that the daily amount of cholesterol for a healthy person is about 300 milligrams per day is 2 eggs a day. But remember that this rule may vary depending on the state of health and the requirements of the body for each person.

Be healthy!

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