8 habits that will make you healthier in a month


Get off your phone before bed

It seems that everyone read this advice once on the screen of a smartphone, lying in bed in the evening, but did not attach much importance to it. But in vain: this innocent habit impairs brain function and prevents you from relaxing before bed. All because of the blue light of the screen, which suppresses the production of the sleep hormone melatonin. You feel the consequences already now: sleep becomes more disturbing, and in the morning the feeling of fatigue does not disappear. As the years go by, the situation can become more serious: over time, the sleep-wake cycle becomes out of sync with the day-night cycle – this is called a circadian rhythm disorder. In general, it is better not to bring it to this. Try to either not turn on the phone at all two hours before bedtime, or use it as little as possible. 

Do neck exercises 10 minutes a day

Do you walk the cherished 10 steps and choose the stairs instead of the elevator, but your back still hurts? Take a closer look at the spine – work at the computer does not spare even the most active. If you stay in the same position for a long time, tension arises in the cervical spine, blood vessels are compressed. But it is through this department that our brain receives oxygen. Try doing simple exercises every day for 000 minutes: pull your arm down hard and tilt your head in the opposite direction. Then do the same with the other hand, and then gently tilt your head back and forth. 

Pay special attention to food

Pay attention to how you eat. Nutritionists warn that if we are distracted by reading or a smartphone while eating, the brain does not receive a satiety signal in time. We continue to eat without feeling the taste of food, and the feeling of satiety comes with a delay. The next time you sit down at the table, stretch the time of the meal – feel the taste and texture of the products. So your stomach will produce more acid, and you will eat less food. 

Cook right

Modern technology has reached our kitchen. Today, household appliances, if not doing everything for you, then definitely help to cope with many tasks more efficiently. For example, with cooking. Properly selected gadgets preserve valuable microelements and vitamins in products that our body needs every day. Grilled vegetables can be cooked without a single drop of oil in the Airfryer thanks to hot air frying technology. Your morning smoothie can be made even more healthy with a blender equipped with vacuum technology, such as the . When grinding in a vacuum, the oxidation of the ingredients slows down, and more vitamins are retained in the drink. 

Develop mindfulness

This advice is not only about physical health – mindfulness contributes to the achievement of life goals and spiritual harmony. Our body gives us vivid signals about the physical and mental state, and it is necessary to learn how to correctly recognize them and respond to them correctly. Once a day, focus on the sensations in the muscles and breathing. Try to stop the flow of thoughts and feel exactly where the general tension has accumulated. Over time, you will learn to understand yourself better, and as a result, you will be able to remain calm and clear of mind in any stressful situations. 

Observe your sleep schedule

When we sleep, there is an alternation of sleep phases: slow sleep is needed for physical recovery, and REM sleep is for psychological. Somnologists do not recommend “filling up” for another five minutes if you woke up before the alarm clock – most likely, a full cycle has ended, and with such an awakening you will feel cheerful during the day. To improve sleep patterns, it is best to go to bed and wake up at the same time. If at first this seems difficult, try using a light alarm – it provides a natural awakening using a unique combination of light and sound. The most modern models, such as, will help not only wake up, but also fall asleep, thanks to the sunset function. 

Breathe right

Proper breathing not only helps to cope with emotions – it is a real superpower that ensures a good metabolism, promotes digestion and improves overall well-being. In order to fully saturate all organs with oxygen, you can inhale deeply for a minute once a day and exhale slowly. You can also “breathe with your stomach” once a day – inhale as you inflate your stomach, and as you exhale, pull it towards your spine. 

Do therapeutic baths

Wellness baths are not only available at resorts – you can easily do a course of therapeutic baths at home. Hot water with natural additives relieves headaches, nourishes the skin and promotes weight loss. Before cooking, determine what effect you want to achieve. So, for weight loss, baths with a decoction of tartar, which makes the skin supple, are suitable. Needles, oregano, thyme will invigorate, so it is better to take such a bath in the morning. A hot bath with mint, juniper and lemon balm will have a calming effect and will perfectly relax before going to bed.

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