Mushroom hunting is an activity that is good for the soul and body. This is an opportunity to stock up on a delicious product, escape from the daily hustle and bustle, and enjoy wildlife. And if you allocate more time for leisure and stay in the forest overnight, a good rest and a lot of pleasant impressions are provided!

What you need for a successful overnight mushroom trip

Classic mushroom picker set

You will have to walk a lot, wade through the thickets, bend over and squat. If the quiet hunt turns out to be successful, the main burden will be ahead, so you need to take only the most necessary things with you. Things should fit in a small backpack behind your shoulders, as you have to carry full buckets and baskets in your hands.

Top things you need for a mushroom hunt:

  • Knife. It should be small, sharp, preferably with a slightly curved blade. It is convenient for them to cut mushrooms growing on the ground and trees. Take a long string and tie the blade to your belt or basket handle so you don’t lose it.

  • Repellent. The forest is a habitat for many insects. A special tool will protect against annoying mosquitoes, ticks, as well as ants and wasps. Repellent should treat open areas of the body. The triple cologne also copes well with this role.

  • Suitable clothing and comfortable shoes. They must be closed regardless of the season to protect the body from insects and branches. In warm weather, put on a cotton shirt, long trousers and a cap, in cold weather – a waterproof and windproof jacket, scarf, work gloves. Wear sneakers, trekking boots, and on rainy days, rubber boots.

  • Thermos/water bottle, snack. In the fresh air during physical exertion, you will quickly want to eat and drink. Take something hearty (sandwich, fitness bar, chocolate). A suitable drink will help to refresh or warm up.

With such a set, a trip for mushrooms will be comfortable and fruitful.

What you need for an overnight stay in the forest

Perhaps you decide to set aside a couple of days for the trip. It is worth preparing well for a trip to nature. Then the rest will not be overshadowed by forgotten things and problems. The first on the list will be tents for tourists. Modern designs are light, comfortable, easy to assemble. Pack foil rugs, blankets, and small pillows to rest on in your travel bag. Sleeping bags are practical.

What’s a camping trip without a campfire? You will need waterproof matches, a lighter, metal utensils and cutlery. Do not forget about the supply of clean water and provisions. Just in case, take a first aid kit: disinfectants, painkillers and antipyretics. Medicines for poisoning, antihistamines, a bandage will not be superfluous.

For leisure activities, you may need a fishing rod, a guitar and a ball, as well as board games. Mandatory means of communication (charged mobile phones, walkie-talkie). Take a compass, flashlight and hatchet with you. Put all your things in a bulky backpack. An overnight mushroom trip will be enjoyable if you prepare well for it and take everything you need.

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