What to give for February 23? Male look

Choose a gift individually, not from your desires to make him feel good, but by standing in his place and realizing what he likes. For example, you might find a juicer a good choice because he likes to drink fresh juice in the morning. But he, being a photographer, would like to get a new lens, and not the household appliances that you mostly use when juicing him. All gifts in the article will be divided into five groups: cooking, health, self-development, sports and technology. 


This category does not include food itself, but technological devices for making healthy food.

The grain germinator will be a wonderful gift, it will free you from the laborious process of manual germination. It will allow you to add many dishes from fresh, unmodified grain culture to the menu.

The dehydrator is another culinary invention that will help stock apples, bananas, tomatoes, and many other organic fruits. And then eat food that fully retains vitamins and minerals.

Alkalizing water is a new trend in healthy eating, it’s no secret that a person is 70% water, and well-being largely depends on drinking water. According to researchers, it is the alkaline environment that allows the cells of the body to function naturally. This device, according to the assurances of the creators, makes the water the most healthy.

You can also think of a double boiler, blender or eco-friendly utensils, but they are more suitable for a girl.


Health determines the quality of life, there are many devices to maintain it. For example, a green mat made of grass or small pebbles in the bath will be an excellent gift that combines a beautiful design, the properties of a massage mat, it will give you the opportunity to feel a piece of nature with the soles of your feet.

A plank of nails is a brutal gift, it will help improve health due to reflex massage, and it also looks cool and shocking for those who see such a thing for the first time. In fact, you can stand on it, although at first you won’t stand on nails with all your weight, you will have to start with one foot and rest on the floor with the other, but after a couple of weeks of training you will be able to stand with both feet.

Tongue scraper, nose wash pot and natural brush. We are used to brushing our teeth, but the oral cavity is not limited to them, microbes multiply on the tongue and in the nose. For yogis, it is a natural practice to clean the entire mouth, for this a tongue scraper and a nose-washing teapot were invented. By making such a morning toilet, you will add to your health and protect yourself from respiratory diseases. Just be careful with rinsing your nose, because water can get into your sinuses, so do it right and without fanaticism. 


An important part of a man’s life is self-development, it is necessary in order to feel growing.

A ticket to a retreat, this is an exciting journey to your essence, not everyone can do it, but every man must go through it. Most of us dream of breaking out of the cycle of earning money and conquering peaks for a week, to feel peace and harmony in our hearts. It is the retreat that will provide an opportunity to break away from the usual life and creates the conditions for rethinking oneself.

A course of meditation or yoga, a man’s life is full of stress and tension, often there is not enough time to relax, because of this, health suffers. If your man has not yet mastered meditation or yoga, then this will be a wonderful gift for him, after completing a course under the guidance of an experienced teacher, he will rise to a new level.

A musical instrument would also be a good gift, but only give it if he said he wanted to learn how to play it. This gift has an applied side, mastering musical instruments develops the brain and increases intelligence. 


It has always been and will remain an important part of men’s lives. You can give a man accessories for the sport he does. For example, new gloves for a boxer.

A home exercise machine is a gift that most men will gladly accept. For example, a wall climbing wall. Such a gift will not take up much space, but it will strengthen the whole body, develop endurance, and will be 100% original compared to most simulators.

If your man loves water, then he will be pleased to receive an inflatable SUP board or an inflatable two-seater kayak. The cost of such a gift is about 20 thousand, but if you rent such things, they will pay off in just two trips to nature. 


The world is changing, more and more people understand that oil will run out in a hundred years. There are more and more people who realize that it is necessary to take care of the environment, so the fashion for electric transport is confidently walking around the world. Now it is possible and convenient to have something from this type of transport. The picture of how young and even adult men ride electric scooters to work in the morning is no longer exotic, it will be a great gift, especially since spring is coming. Well, for those who are incredibly adoring their man and financially secure, there is an electric car option, for example, Nissan Leaf, LADA Ellada or Renault Fluence ZE

You know your man better than you yourself think, and by listening to yourself, you can figure out which of the listed gifts he will like. The main thing is to approach the choice, guided by his interests and desires, in addition, this will set a great example, because March 8 is coming soon.

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