Conscious Valentine: 5 inspiring love stories

Ekaterina Dudenkova and Sergei Gorbachev: 

“At first I fell in love with his project. No, it’s not even that, it’s too easy to say. In 2015, I got to the Kvammanga festival, which was created by Sergey, my heart opened, and a powerful flow of love transformed my whole life. The most important result of these changes was the festival of yoga and co-creation “Bright People” in the Crimea, which I then created together with an excellent team on the same kvammang wave. The intricacies of fate in the form of a whole chain of events and people led Sergei there a year later. I was very happy to meet him personally, and with all my gratitude I joyfully told how Kwammanga had transformed my life. I shone in the atmosphere that I created together with the team, and this light penetrated deep into Serezha’s soul. This is what he told me later: “I looked at you, and a voice inside said: “Here she is. This is your woman.”

He walked towards me very tactfully, carefully and like a man, he was there at the moments when help was needed, substituting his strong shoulder, gently showing care, attention and caring. On one of the days of the festival, we found ourselves together in practice, danced and could no longer tear ourselves away from each other. It was such a powerful recognition of each other that the mind refused to understand and analyze anything at all. After that there was a long distance between us and a period of deep awareness and change.

After we met, we didn’t see each other for 3 months (according to our correspondence, you can probably print a three-volume novel!), But we lived through a deep process of transformation, thanks to which our union grows stronger, flourishes and bears fruit. Our love is an inexhaustible stream of inspiration, creativity and gratitude. Olga and Stanislav Balarama:

– My husband and I are Kriyavans, and we consider ourselves to be a parampara of Kriya yoga. It combines all the religions of the world, spreading the belief that knowledge is one and God is one. Also, the teaching stands on 3 indestructible pillars: self-study, self-discipline and the knowledge of unconditional love. And in Kriya Yoga there are two paths of the Monk: “sannyasa ashram” (the path of a hermit monk) and “grihastha ashram” (the path of an exemplary householder-family man). My husband Stanislav was originally a “bramachari”, a monk-student in the ashram, he wanted to move towards “sannyas”. For seven years he was in the service of the Guru, the ashram and patients, dreaming (with the blessing of the Masters and family) to go into seclusion in order to spend the rest of his life in the sweetest atmosphere for himself – among the monks, the Himalayas and spiritual programs.

However, during another half-year stay at Gurukulam (Spiritual Institute in India), the Masters confessed to Stas that they see his sincere desire to become a monk, as well as deep inclinations and predispositions towards this path. But what Stas will do as a monk is a drop in the ocean compared to what he can “create” (realize and achieve) by becoming an exemplary householder. And on the same day they blessed him on the path of a family man, saying that he would become a person capable of showing from personal experience how one can sincerely serve God and the family, revealing the truth that “it is not necessary to renounce the world and become a monk in order to know the deepest secrets of our universe and to be a truly spiritual person. They also added that Stas will become an example and inspiration for a huge number of people as a person who is harmonious at all personal levels (spiritual, material, social, family). And it is by his example that he will lead people to the same way of life, generously sharing true knowledge.

On that day, seeing Stas to the airport, the Masters said that he would get married very soon. I remember my husband told me that upon arrival in Moscow, he shared this news with a friend, to which he replied in surprise: “The masters were definitely talking about you?! They didn’t mix anything up?!” And after 3 months from their conversation, we got married!

Before we met, Stas had never had a serious relationship with girls, since childhood he was passionate about medicine, music and sports, and when studying at the university was added to the general list, he thoroughly went into books. Therefore, the family is the last thing he wanted at that moment. However, having learned that the fate of an exemplary family man awaits him, he asked God and the Masters to give him “that very” wife in order to taste the nectar of family life and become an exemplary householder. So, sincerely trusting the will of God, after 3 months he received everything that he so sincerely ordered. And now our direct mission with my husband is to develop ourselves and set a worthy example for people and future children!

Zhanna and Mikhail Golovko:

“Even before meeting my future husband, my dad once said skeptically: “She will find herself some kind of vegetarian teetotaler! You can’t even drink with him.” I nodded and said: “That’s right,” I couldn’t imagine anything else.

Misha and I met when we started organizing open meetings about travel, remote work and a healthy lifestyle. He is in Rostov, I am in Krasnodar. We traveled between cities to support each other, talked, visited, got acquainted with families and life, discovered common interests and goals, fell in love. And most importantly, internal transformations lived intensively, grew up to each other, meeting twice a month. Then we hitchhiked in Georgia as a couple, and when he returned, Misha announced his plans for our life to my parents and took me to him.

Six months after we met, he solemnly made an offer, and in the ninth month we were already married. And so our family was born – at a non-alcoholic vegetarian wedding in the forest!  Victoria and Ivan:

– In one of the ecovillages, where a young family I know lives, the celebration of Ivan Kupala Day is held annually. I have long wanted to attend such an event, and one day, about a week before the scheduled date, my friend calls and casually says that there will be one young man at the holiday who, just like me, is looking for his soul mate. It was a little exciting, and when my friends and I came to the venue of the holiday, I tried not to look at anyone except those whom I knew. But my eyes met Ivan’s on their own, for a moment he seemed to be alone among the crowd of people. I did not attach importance to this moment, and when everyone began to get acquainted in a circle, it turned out that he was the same young man who had come to get acquainted with me.

A general festivity began, games, competitions, round dances, in which both of us actively took part and showed interest in each other. And so, after a few hours, we sat by the fire together and talked. Even then, it became clear to both that our acquaintance would continue. No words can convey all the moments of that day and evening, feelings, views, thoughts!

Exactly one year later, Ivan Kupala was again celebrated in the same place, on which our wedding took place and our family was born. It is also interesting that all the qualities of character, traits, aspirations that I imagined in my future spouse, as I pictured him in my imagination, all this was present in the now real person who became my husband. It also seemed to be something incredible from his side.

Now we have been together for more than six years, our son is almost three years old, we love, appreciate, respect each other very much, trust, help develop, try to wisely resolve all emerging issues and agree on everything.

Anton and Inna Sobolkovs:

– Our story began in the spring of 2017, when Anton came to get acquainted in my creative space “Island of the Sun”. We immediately realized that we have a lot in common: music, approach to life, books and humor. At that time, Anton had been a raw foodist for 5 years, and I was just approaching this lifestyle.

In the fall of 2018, we got married, as previously planned. Now I am a practicing psychologist, I am engaged in metaphorical maps, Anton is a design engineer and at the same time is engaged in music as a composer and performer (vocals and guitar). We live in a suburb of Rostov-on-Don, we try to create our own space. Our life is full of creativity, meditation, humor and sobriety, it helps us to grow both as a family and as a person. We wish everyone a fair wind, responsibility, awareness, as well as love and peace on the path of life!

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