Pranamat ECO: the best gift for women and men

What PranamatECO?

The Pranamat ECO kit received 2 prestigious awards and was recognized as the best accessory for a healthy lifestyle in 2018, and one of the awards was supported by the Russian Ministry of Health. This is not surprising: the accessory is used by healthy lifestyle fans around the world, and the effectiveness of the kit and the improvement of many health indicators as a result of the use of Pranamat ECO have been clinically proven.

The Pranamat ECO set consists of a mat and cushion, which are equipped with 7900 lotus-shaped massage elements. The accessory works on the principle of acupressure, gently affecting all active points of the body. Thanks to this effect, Pranamat ECO contributes in general:

1. Stimulation of blood circulation and lymph flow.

2. Relieve muscle tension and spasms.

3. Improve mood and reduce stress levels.

Just 15 minutes on Pranamat ECO replace a session of a full-fledged classic massage. Agree, this effect is equally useful for both women and men.

By the way, now you can purchase a set in a dark green design – this shade will surely be appreciated by the representatives of the stronger sex!

Care and health as a gift

The Pranamat ECO set is the perfect gift solution because it:

Relieves fatigue and swelling of the legs after a long day

Regulates psycho-emotional state

Relieves headaches

Relieves back pain and muscle stiffness

· Strengthens the immune system

Normalizes metabolism

Eliminates cellulite

Stimulates tissue circulation

Helps in the fight against excess weight

Relieves nervous tension and improves mood

Improves sleep

At the same time, any modern person values ​​his time: a few minutes of pleasant sensations on a rug or pillow at home is much more convenient than visiting a qualified massage therapist. Giving such a gift to a loved one, at the same time, you show invaluable concern for his health and well-being. And what could be better on such a holiday?

Green Approach

Today, every conscious person is not indifferent to the question of his contribution to the cleanliness of the environment. By reducing consumption every year, we are working for the future of the entire planet. PranamatECO will appeal to everyone who leads not only a healthy, but also an environmentally friendly lifestyle, tries to minimize waste and use environmentally friendly products, tools and accessories:

· Lotus massage elements are made from 100% hypoallergenic and environmentally friendly HIPS plastic, which is widely used in medicine. Its production creates 43% less harmful emissions into the air, requires 30% less energy and 42% less water than the production of industrial plastics.

The outer cover of the Pranamat ECO cushion and mat is made of natural linen and painted with hypoallergenic paint

The inner pillowcase is 100% cotton

The filler of the kit is 100% coconut fiber and buckwheat husk

In the production of Pranamat ECO products, only high-quality and environmentally friendly materials from Europe are used. Even for threads and zippers, Pranamat ECO has German Oeko-Tex quality certificates.

Easy to use

Depending on the purpose, the mat and pillow can be used in 8 programs, each of which differs in time and type:

1.       Anesthesia

The massager is placed under the problem area. Lie on it for 5 to 10 minutes. As a prophylactic and to strengthen the immune system, the time of use can increase from 15 to 50 minutes.

2.       Ease of falling asleep, deep rest during sleep

The company’s experts recommend lying on the mat and pillow for 40-50 minutes.

3.       Relieve stress for the whole body

An acupressure session can be complemented by calm music, it is allowed to cover yourself with a blanket or a blanket from above. The exposure time is 25-50 minutes.

4.       Relief from stress

First, alternately it is recommended to stand on the Pranamat ECO with your feet, and then lie on your back on it. It only takes 15 minutes for the program to work effectively.

5.       Use in the office, in the workspace

The rug can be placed in an office chair or placed under the feet, after removing the shoes. The exposure time is 10-15 minutes.

6.       Tonic effect on the body.

You can easily tone up: lie back on the mat, and head on the Pranamat ECO pillow and spend no more than 25 minutes on them so that the tonic effect is not replaced by deep relaxation, and you do not get drowsy.

7.       The path to slimness

20 minutes of exposure to the mat on the back and pelvic area will be enough to start the most important metabolic processes inside. Performing the program regularly, you can achieve a significant reduction in body volume.

8.       Recovery after fitness/ sports/yoga

In order for the muscles to return to normal after a workout, it is worth doing a few simple exercises on the Pranamat ECO – first lie down on it with your back and pelvic area (20 min), then take the cobra pose (5 min) and complete the relaxation with the stork pose (5 min) . After that, you can put a mat or pillow under a specific area of ​​uXNUMXbuXNUMXbthe body, which requires relaxation and relieving tightness.

IMPORTANT! The Pranamat ECO set is best used without clothes, so that the acupressure session is most effective.


If there are contraindications from the list below, before using this massage, you should consult with your doctor:

Oncology, tumors of various origins

heart diseases

Blood clotting disorders


· Thrombophlebitis

Epilepsy, epileptic syndrome

Increased body temperature

Any disease in the acute period

It should be remembered: Pranamat ECO acts as an auxiliary and additional tool in maintaining the health of the body and does not cancel the intake of medications.

Buy a massage set Pranamat ECO for yourself or as a gift is available on the official website of the company: Inquiries by phone: +7 (495) 668 10 54 

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