Secrets of Japanese Longevity

Did you know that our life expectancy is only 20-30% determined by genetics? To live to 100, or even longer, we need a little more than the set of chromosomes received from our parents. Lifestyle is the most important factor that determines not only life expectancy, but also its quality. For the Japanese Ministry of Health and the US National Institutes of Health, scientists have studied centenarians.

  • Elderly Okinawans often practice both physical and mental exercise.
  • Their diet is low in salt, high in fruits and vegetables, and contains more fiber and antioxidants than Western diets.

  • Even though their soybean consumption is greater than anywhere else in the world, soybeans in Okinawa are grown without GMOs. Such a product is rich in flavonoids and quite healing.

  • Okinawans don’t overeat. They have such a practice “hara hachi bu”, which means “8 full parts out of 10”. This means that they never eat food until they are full. Their daily calorie intake is approximately 1800.
  • Elderly people in this society are very revered and respected, thanks to which, until old age, they feel good mentally and physically.
  • Okinawans are relatively immune to diseases such as dementia or insanity, thanks to a diet high in vitamin E, which promotes brain health. 

According to scientists, Okinawans have both genetic and non-genetic susceptibility to longevity. – all this together plays a significant role in the life expectancy of the inhabitants of the island of Japan.

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