What kind of housing can be rented for a living wage: photo

The question is not idle: because of the pandemic, many were left without wages, only with benefits from the state. What kind of landlords will be satisfied with a payment close to the cost of living? We decided to check.

“Home prices are falling,” headlines say. “Due to the pandemic, the housing market is frozen.” However, if you look at the prices for rental housing, you can see no frost or decline. They live their own lives. And now, suppose you are left without a salary and a job. In this case, you are entitled to an allowance – from 4 to 500 rubles. And where can you live on that kind of money? We decided to check.

In St. Petersburg, there are a lot of advertisements promising a room for only 8000 rubles a month. Moreover, they promise not only housing, but also services for changing linen, all the necessary equipment and dishes! However, if you look closely at the photo, it becomes clear: they offer not a room, but a place in a room with an area of ​​20 “squares”. The four-room apartment is stuffed with bunk beds: it looks pretty, but who knows how it really is. Besides, huddle in the same room with neighbors, who will be at least three … So-so pleasure.

In Moscow, the proposals are more honest. “A bed for a woman,” the ad says succinctly. In a room of 25 meters, judging by the photo, there is nothing. And in general, you can’t really see it: the battery was shot in close-up and the entrance to the room through an arched opening. There is no door. It is not clear what will happen in the room, how many neighbors there will be. But the price is clear: 8 thousand rubles a month, the same amount of collateral.

What if you step further from the capitals? The situation there is really more pleasant. In Smolensk, you can rent a 20-meter room in a three-ruble note for 5 rubles. Full, as they say, minced meat: a refrigerator right in the room, furniture, household appliances, not to say that it is very rich, but only 900 rubles a month. You can’t drive a company, but why should a company, when the apartment has two more rooms with its tenants.

In Vologda, landlords are more greedy. For a room with an area of ​​12 “squares”, which fit a very dubious situation, they ask for 6 thousand rubles. The room, by the way, is in the hostel – one kitchen for 8 rooms, a toilet and a bathroom for 2 rooms. In general, whoever has never lived in a hostel is probably better not to start.

In the capital of Bashkortostan, Ufa, a room can be rented for 10 thousand rubles – do you feel how rates are growing? The living space is offered to a guy without bad habits, in exchange for his hard earned money – a table, wardrobe, chair, bed, household appliances and free internet. By the way, in the city center!

Irkutsk looks very hospitable against such a background. One of the rooms in a kopeck piece can be rented for 7 thousand rubles. “A decent girl or a married couple without children. We do not consider a man or a young man, ”- it seems, with hospitality, we got excited. But you can live without neighbors: the second room in the apartment is closed, the owner’s things are stored in it. Not a bad option!

By the way, for the same money – 7 thousand rubles – you can rent a room in a three-ruble note in the Moscow region, in the city of Elektrostal. “The condition of the room is good. The condition of the bath and toilet is average, ”warns the owner. Not a word about neighbors and other conditions. Just in case, only the proposed room itself is shown in the photo. Everything else, apparently, will be a surprise when we meet.

But there is better news. In the Stavropol Territory, in the city of Essentuki, a whole kopeck piece can be rented for 4 thousand rubles! The furnishings are not to say luxurious, but not bad either. You can go on a video tour, or you can just drop in and live. In principle, there are a lot of similar proposals for the city. Quite a decent two-three-room apartment can be rented for 5-12 thousand rubles.

In sunny Krasnodar there are fewer such generous offers. Odnushka for 11 rubles is, in principle, also not bad when compared with a bed in St. Petersburg. The owner wants the advance payment for two months, the deposit is 500 rubles, which is strange, but the apartment is cozy, with a fresh renovation. It seems that no one has lived there until now.

And in the same Krasnodar there is another option: one-room apartment is rented to students for 5 rubles. They can also be passed to a married couple with or without children, but for a different price. Apparently, the owner has his own views on social justice. And just look at these carpets!



How much do you pay for the apartment?

  • Not at all, I have my own

  • I live with my parents

  • I rent, I pay up to 10 thousand rubles

  • I rent, I pay from 10 to 20 thousand rubles

  • I live on a rented apartment – from 20 to 30 thousand rubles

  • I rent, I pay more than 30 thousand rubles a month

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