Why Parsnip is beneficial

Parsnips – a relative of parsley and carrots, often becomes part of salads and cold dishes and as an alternative to potatoes – the taste is sweet and low in calories. Parsnip root you may add to soups, doing it based on puree, canned, baked, and add it to sauces. Parsnip leaves are good for seasoning the dishes of fish and meat.

How useful is Parsnip?

Parsnip root is rich in carbohydrates and fiber, which are easily digested. Parsnip contains many vitamins and minerals; it is especially rich in potassium, phosphorus, silicon, vitamins C and b, iron, zinc, and manganese.

Pasternak has properties to relieve spasms and pain in the stomach, renal, hepatic colic. It is also a good part of a diet for those who suffer from the presence of stones and salts in these organs.

Parsnip significantly improves the immune system and the body’s ability to resist viruses and bacteria.

Decoction of parsnip is popular as a tonic that can significantly recover after prolonged diseases. Also, the decoction for coughs – stimulates digestion and expectoration of sputum. Infusions of Parsnip have a diuretic effect, used in the treatment of diseases such as dropsy and vitiligo: furocoumarins protect the skin from the aggressive effects of UV rays.

Parsnip helps the body cells to grow and regenerate, so when cardiac diseases and disorders of the brain are significant. Parsnip normalizes the level of sugar and cholesterol in the blood.

Pasnip is useful for the digestive tract – it speeds up the metabolism, cleanses the organs from toxins and slags, and supports this system’s organs.

In pregnancy, women can use parsnips to avoid problems with decreased iron levels in the blood and reduce swelling. It has a positive effect on the fetus’s formation, eliminates defects and the development of dementia.

Parsnip Juice is good when you need to raise the body’s tone and improve brain function, heart, and blood vessels. It also reduces the risk of catching the virus in the team and greatly reduces pain.

The inhalation of crushed seeds improves mood, helps to concentrate and gather my thoughts. A decoction of parsnip is rubbed into the scalp to avoid hair loss and damage to the hair structure.

Dangers of Parsnip

Parsnips may be harmful if in contact with wet skin with the leaves or fruits. There is a risk of burning.

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