US residents have become restless, fatter and older

American scientists conducted a large-scale study of the health of the nation (it cost $ 5 million) and reported shocking statistics: over the past ten years, the number of people with high blood pressure has increased by about 30% – a shocking significant figure!

This study was just done at a time when the US is adopting an expanded health insurance program. One can imagine that if it goes on like this, then in 3 years literally everyone will have high blood pressure – and many will really need all-inclusive insurance ….

Fortunately, these studies reflect only the situation in the United States (and, as one might assume, in other similarly developed countries), so you can be calm about the indigenous inhabitants of the Far North and the natives of the African desert. Everyone else should think about where modern civilization is going: such a conclusion can be drawn from the results of the study.

In fact, scientists have identified not even one such fact (is it really not enough? – you ask) – but three. Americans are not only 1/3 more likely to have hypertension, they are also more obese (66% of the population, according to official figures) and have aged significantly. If the last parameter is normal for a prosperous society (in Japan, where everything is more or less in order with the consumption of healthy food, and with centenarians, too, the aging factor simply “rolls over”), then the first two should cause serious concern to society. However, with increased pressure, it is life-threatening to worry – you must first change your diet to a healthier one.

An independent observer at Natural News (a popular American site covering health news) points out that while some analysts in the US have linked the increase in high blood pressure and obese people to the aging of the nation, this is essentially illogical. After all, if we put aside the statistics and look at the person as such, then after all, the human genome does not contain a mechanism that includes obesity and heart disease after 40 years!

The blame for both obesity and heart disease, the NaturalNews analyst believes, is partly a genetic predisposition (“legacy” of unhealthy parents), but to a much greater extent – ​​a sedentary lifestyle, the abuse of “junk” food, alcohol and tobacco. Another destructive trend that has been observed in the United States in recent decades is the abuse of chemical drugs, the vast majority of which have serious side effects.

Many obese people, the author of Natural News continues to argue, are trying to get rid of this problem in the way that advertising imposes on them – with the help of special weight loss powders (the main ingredient of most of them is refined sugar!) And diet products (again, sugar is part of most of them!).

At the same time, many doctors are already openly declaring that it is necessary to destroy the very cause of the disease: low mobility, ignoring medical norms for the consumption of vegetables and fruits containing dietary fiber, as well as the habit of eating very sweet, spicy and highly salty foods (Coca-Cola, potato chips and spicy nachos) rather than trying to manage symptoms such as overeating.

A health expert at NaturalNews comments that if you have a sedentary lifestyle and a low-nutrient diet that contains preservatives, chemical additives and foods that increase blood pressure, then no health insurance will save you.

Paradoxically, if the current trend continues, then already in the next decade we will see a situation where the inhabitants of the most developed countries are moving significantly along the path of health degradation. It remains to be hoped that common sense and a healthy diet will still prevail.  




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