Food for healthy kidneys

The kidneys are your body’s filter, which passes through entering the body fluid, leaving the nutrients and removing toxins. For this filter to work without interruptions, you should take care of the kidneys’ health.

What you need to know about kidneys

– In just one day, using this body is a quarter of the volume of whole blood in the human body.

– Every minute, the kidneys filter about one and a half liters of blood.

In the kidneys, there are approximately 160 kilometers of blood vessels.

Healthy foods for kidneys

For the kidneys, primarily important vitamin A, which is synthesized from carotene – eat carrots, peppers, asparagus, sea-buckthorn, spinach, cilantro, and parsley.

Healthy kidneys pumpkin, as it contains vitamin E – you can add to oatmeal, pumpkin, squeeze the juice, and add to cakes and bake.

Pectin is useful for the work of the kidneys, which is present in apples and plums. Pectins bind toxic substances and remove them from the body.

Fish rich in fatty acids and vitamin D, especially beneficial for kidneys in the cold season, when the sun does not make up for the loss of this important element.

Watermelons contain a lot of water to dissolve the stones and salt to remove excess fluid from the body. Have the same property and cranberries and all sorts of herbs – dill, fennel, celery.

Rosehips contain a lot of vitamin C, which can reduce the risk of infections and reduce inflammation.

Food rich in fiber, the bran’s content improves blood flow to the kidneys, improves digestion, and provides the body with necessary vitamins.

What is bad for your kidneys

Salt retains water in the body, raising blood pressure and causing swelling. The kidneys bear a large load if a constant excess amount of salt may develop the irreversible consequences of renal failure.

Fatty, smoked, and pickled foods contain substances that reduce the kidneys’ blood vessels and the carcinogens that increase the toxicity of the body.

Spicy or very spicy irritates the kidneys and gives an additional burden on the body.

Alcohol provokes the destruction of the renal tubules and also leads to swelling of the body.

Some foods, such as sorrel or spinach, contain oxalates, which provoke sand and stones.

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