What is slow food, and what are its health benefits

Slow food is a system of slow food, which is the antithesis of fast food. If you are against the hustle and speed – these principles are good for you; even though slow food was popular worldwide a long time ago, this nutrition system gained momentum in our country.

The concept of slow food was born in 1986 in Italy, where it is very harmoniously blended into the rhythm of Italian gourmets who prefer to enjoy every bite of food.

When opened in Milan’s, having occupied the old mansion – an architectural monument of the country – the Italians are very indignant to this phenomenon. They launched a Manifesto with a call to boycott the sassy place and the whole fast food system – a source of health problems.

What is slow food, and what are its health benefits

Supporters of the new movement began to invest in healthy food, preserving the traditions of Italy’s national cuisine. Today slow food restaurants open around the world.

The basis of slow food is the idea of slow eating, which should be fun and be healthy. It also means – no snacks on the go, preferring to eat in a quiet atmosphere, chewing food thoroughly, and enjoying every bite.

It would help if you sat in a good mood at the table, and during the meal, do not be distracted by the view phone, TV, and other extraneous matter and concentrate only on what we eat.

Prepare food with love and good intentions, slowly, of the best quality ingredients. It is desirable that the products were natural and organic, which are not harmful to the environment and the human body. The focus is on the products that grow in the residence region because people have a genetic predisposition.

What is slow food, and what are its health benefits

Why you need to eat slowly

Long known that the feeling of satiety comes not at once, but 20 minutes after eating. Therefore, slow food helps people not to overeat and not gain weight. Already in eating, we begin to get calories, the level of glucose in the blood increases, and the brain understands that the body is full. Therefore the feeling of hunger is reduced.

Chew your food thoroughly helps treat all the food with enough saliva and break it down, and small pieces of better move through the esophagus. The load on the digestive organs is reduced, and thus improves health. The easier the food is digested, the more nutrients it will sink in.

When people slow down their nutrition pace, they begin to pay attention to the dishes’ quality and taste—increasing demand for healthier natural products. With conscious nutrition, the taste buds’ sensitivity escalates, and different supplements only in the way of pleasure.

Even among fast food, there are options right snack about them we wrote earlier.

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