The gastroenterologist told about habits stretching the stomach

The habit of taking a horizontal position after eating is one of the most harmful.

The thing is that when you lie down to rest after a meal, the contents of your stomach begins to put pressure on the entrance from the esophagus and thus stretch it.

Acid and bile from the stomach have more opportunities to penetrate the esophagus and throat, irritating their mucous membrane. The consequence of this habit is that going to sleep immediately after eating or eating in bed can become gastro-esophageal reflux disease, symptoms of which are heartburn, belching, and heaviness in the upper abdomen.

What other habits are harmful to our health

We will tell you about 2 not very healthy habits.

The first is neglect Breakfast. No appetite, little time, hurry up, not yet awake, as it should – these and many other excuses deprive us of such an important meal like Breakfast. However, this habit is not as bad as the previous one. And you may postpone your Breakfast for later.

Another very unuseful habit is to drink down oily food with cold water. With this combination, the stomach’s fat will be in the solid aggregate state, which will create certain difficulties with his digestion that could lead to the development of different gastrointestinal disorders. With greasy cold food, it is better to drink warm drinks.

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