5 sweets that cause cancer

Researchers from Perdana University (Malaysia) has conducted a number of researches whose purpose was the search for this type of nutrition, which would make the minimum the risk of cancer.

In the process, scientists have discovered that some sweets may contribute to the development of cancer. The most dangerous was the following:

  • lollipops,
  • cupcakes
  • hot chocolate
  • brownie
  • sodas.

The most dangerous nutritionists called cupcakes and cakes covered with frosting. It is the lollipops that carry the main harm. Because the dyes, which give the glaze a rich color, based on petroleum products. The children of such delicacy can cause the development of attention deficit disorder, hyperactivity, and even cancer. Want to eat healthy muffins, use natural dyes.

5 sweets that cause cancer

On the second place on danger — candy. In a rating of dangerous sweets, candy got the same — because of the dyes in its composition. Because often their dyes contain genetically modified corn syrup that can cause the appearance of cancer.

The threat has been recognized for the sweet drinks, the harm which does not know only the lazy. But hot chocolate is found in this list due to the high content in the composition of the purified sugar and hydrogenated oil.

5 sweets that cause cancer

The researchers also pointed out the inadvisability of the use of a brownie, as often the composition is used in genetically modified oil. Want a delicious brownie — bake them at the home with the good oil.

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