Who are the pescetarians?

Pescetarianism is a nutrition system wherein the warm-blooded animal meat is banned, but allowed eating fish and seafood. Among pescetarians, some permit eating eggs and various dairy products.

With strict vegetarians, they have in common is the complete rejection of red meat and poultry. But pescetarianism is a more simple and light diet for those who think vegetarianism is too restrictive. When pescetarians permissible to eat fish, oysters, and other seafood.

The diet of pescetarians is also plant-based foods and oils.

Compared to vegetarianism, this way of eating is closer to the human body. For many people living on the Islands of the Caribbean, Northern Europe, and parts of Asia, this diet is a usual diet.

Who are the pescetarians?

How useful is such a diet

Pescetarians firmly convinced that red meat harms the human body and therefore refuse its use. And they think right, red meat contains a lot of fat and cholesterol, but is very poor on the content of vitamins and minerals. But due to the fish, pescetarians get fatty acids omega‑3, which reduces the risk of cerebrovascular diseases. And doctors say that this diet’s followers are much less likely to suffer from obesity and diabetes, high blood pressure, and cancer.

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