Tea from a tea bag: is it worth drinking

Bagged tea does not bring a lot of trouble – pour hot water and wait until it is brewed. Many people prefer this approach, even despite the high cost of such tea. Is there anything useful in it? Which one is better to prefer and how to brew it correctly?

Tea ceremonies do not tolerate haste. The drink itself is useful and delicious under certain brewing conditions and depends on the quality and grade of raw materials.

Even in ancient times, the Chinese tried to preserve tea with the help of paper bags, which were made specially. But only after centuries, when tea was not a rare drink, entrepreneurs noticed the convenience of such packaging and began to brew tea without pouring it out of silk bags, which at that time were filled with tea leaves.

Silk was eventually replaced with cheesecloth, then with coarse paper, and only in the 50s of the last century did the tea bag appear as we know it today.

The composition of the teabag

The easiest way to determine the quality of large-leaf tea-you can hold the leaves in your hands, see how the leaves open in the teapot. Fine grinding or tea in a bag is almost impossible to consider, and often, alas, packaged tea is not a high-quality product.

Despite the good reputation of the manufacturer, everyone tries to save money and, along with good tea, grinds a poor-quality crop into crumbs and tries to hide a tasteless drink behind the flavors.

Unaromatized bad tea is much easier to calculate, but even if the package does not indicate the aroma of citrus, herbs, or fruit, then the” taste of tea ” has long been learned to fake. In leaf tea, such an additive is unlikely, but in packaged tea for sure.

Teabags quickly oxidize, devoid of vitamins and useful properties, and therefore needs to enhance the taste.

On the other hand, thanks to the fine grinding, bagged tea is quickly brewed and contains many tannins. Therefore, this tea for those who are in a hurry will be beneficial.

How to make tea quickly

So, if the choice of packaged tea is inevitable, when every second is precious, you can, from time to time, resort to this method to satisfy your thirst or have a snack.

But You can brew even leaf tea quickly if you are puzzled in advance with the necessary tools for this. There are also silicone strainers and metal teapots, teapots with lids that maintain the desired temperature, French presses. All this significantly speeds up and facilitates the brewing of ordinary tea, the quality of which you can be sure.

Always brew fresh tea, despite the grinding. Yesterday’s tea can only be used for cosmetic purposes externally. Please do not drink the tea too hot, and do not infuse it for too long. Choose your own type of tea and enjoy the taste!

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