Why Meghan Markle’s Flexitarianism Matters

The British Vogue website published an interview with the wife of English Prince Harry, the Duchess of Sussex Meghan Markle, with former US First Lady Michelle Obama. Her Royal Highness was guest editor for the September issue of Vogue magazine. The interview was quoted by many news outlets, but the following line, written by the then-pregnant Duchess of Sussex, was particularly popular: “So, over the usual lunch of chicken tacos and my ever-growing belly, I asked Michelle if she could help me with this secret project.”

Meghan Markle’s influence

The headlines were a little sensational, to say the least. “Meghan Markle shocked the public,” wrote one. Others wrote that the Duchess of Sussex “finally broke her silence” on her diet and dispelled myths about her veganism. In fact, Markle has never said she follows an all-plant-based diet.

In an interview with Best Health magazine in 2016, Markle said that she is vegan during the week, but does not follow the diet on the weekends: “I try to eat vegan meals during the week, and on weekends I allow myself a little what I want at that moment. It’s all about balance.” For all intents and purposes, it’s safe to say she’s a Flexitarian.

People around the world are interested in everything Meghan Markle is up to, whether it’s how she and Prince Harry got permission to run Instagram or that she loves to watch The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Markle is in the headlines every day, and this only speaks of her status as a public figure. Even Beyoncé loves her. When the singer received the BRIT award, she did it in front of a portrait of the Duchess of Sussex.

Influence flexitarianism

Plant-based nutrition also makes daily headlines. We live in a time when 95% of vegan burger orders come from meat lovers. Vegan meat sales are up 268% last year.

California brand Beyond Meat continues to claim that most of its customers are not vegetarians, but people who try to consume less animal products.

Flexitarianism has had a huge impact on the vegetarian food market. Plant-based foods are no longer a niche category that once took up little space in grocery stores. More consumers are interested in reducing their consumption of animal products for their health and the environment, and the power of people like Markle and Beyoncé is bringing lifestyle attention to life, making it desirable, and ultimately making plant-based eating popular.

Markle’s flexitarianism seems to have a positive effect on the people closest to her. She teaches Prince Harry how to cook more plant-based meals. Another highlight was the non-toxic, vegan, gender-neutral paint she chose for her child’s nursery, and it became a trend instantly! One “royal insider” revealed that Markle planned to feed the royal baby vegan food, but in light of the latest revelations, he’s likely to be flexitarian for now.

Markle and Prince Harry recently urged fans to follow 16-year-old vegan activist Greta Thunberg on social media. Harry and Megan are also friends and fans of the famous primatologist and. Who knows, maybe they will both become the heroes of the royal baby Archie?

So, Markle is not a vegan. Most of us were not raised this way. And you have to start with something. She and Prince Harry appear to share a passion for healthy eating and doing good with the planet. And it’s wonderful! Because they set a positive example for millions of people on the planet.

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