What doctors say about arugula

Tendergreen leaves have great power. And doctors advise introducing a salad in the daily menu.

Arugula is recognized as a beneficial product. This plant has many vitamins and minerals. If you use it every day, you can strengthen bones by the calcium content and vitamin K. In arugula, it is also possible to find antioxidants. They fight free radicals, oxidative stress, reducing the risk of cancer.

According to ophthalmologists, arugula protects the eyes. The plant contains vitamins a and K, beta-carotene, good for the eyes. And green leafy vegetables, which include arugula, include alpha-lipoic acid as studies have shown that this compound is associated with reduced blood sugar levels and increased insulin sensitivity.

In particular, arugula is rich in dietary fiber that helps the digestive system, gives the feeling of satiety, writes meddaily.ru. Combining this with the fact that arugula is an ideal product for people trying to control weight with low caloric content. Moreover, intestinal health is closely associated with the immune system, so improving the first affects the second. Plus, arugula has vitamin C, supporting the immune system.

What doctors say about arugula

Arugula in cooking

This amazing leafy vegetable fits well into the recipe’s vegetable stew, is a perfect addition and ornament to the sandwiches. The curd or the popular boiled potatoes give these ordinary dishes a touch of sophistication—the main thing – to remove from it the bitterness, especially if you use arugula for salads. But besides them, arugula can be cooked in many delicious dishes.

In Italy, arugula is often added to pasta, salads, pizza, pesto, and risotto. In England, it is used as a seasoning for various hot dishes; France prepared her snacks and light salads. Portuguese and Spanish used arugula as a spice and call it the Persian mustard.

Arugula is not desirable for:

Arugula is not recommended in pregnant and lactating women; allergy sufferers, saturated with volatile production, can cause strong allergic reactions. Also, do not abuse the salad dishes for those who have colitis, liver disease, kidney, biliary dyskinesia.

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