What celebrities ask McDonald’s for

According to the organization, McDonald’s chickens are subjected to some of the most brutal treatment on the planet. A website called “McDonald’s Cruelty” says that the chickens and hens of the network are raised so large that they are in constant pain and are unable to walk without suffering.

“We believe in protecting those who cannot stand up for themselves. We believe in kindness, compassion, doing the right thing. We believe that no animal deserves to live in constant pain and suffering with every breath,” the celebrities say in the video. 

The authors of the video call on McDonald’s to use its power for good, stating that the network “is responsible for its actions.”

They also point out that McDonald’s is ignoring its customers. In the US, nearly 114 million Americans are trying to eat more vegan this year, and in the UK, 91% of consumers identify as flexitarians. A similar story is being seen elsewhere in the world as more and more people cut back on meat and dairy for their health, the environment and their animals.

Other fast food chains are heeding this growing demand: Burger King recently released one made with plant-based meat. Even KFC is making changes. In the UK, the fried chicken giant has already confirmed its work.

And while McDonald’s has some vegetarian options, they haven’t released any plant-based versions of their burgers yet. “You are lagging behind your competitors. You let us down. You let the animals down. Dear McDonald’s, stop this cruelty!

The video ends with a call to the consumer. They say, “Join us to tell McDonald’s to stop cruelty to their hens and chickens.”

The Mercy for Animals website has a form that you can fill out to tell McDonald’s management “that you are against animal cruelty.”

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