Are there vegetarians and vegans over 100?

Here’s what I found on Flickr, wondering if there are centennial vegetarians in the world.  

List of centennial vegetarians and vegans:

Lauryn Dinwiddie – 108 years old – vegan.                                                                                   

Oldest woman registered in Multnomah County and probably the oldest woman in the entire state. She follows an exclusively plant-based diet. She is in great shape and perfectly healthy, even on the threshold of her 110th birthday.

Angelyn Strandal – 104 years old – vegetarian.

She was featured in Newsweek, she is a fan of the Boston RedSox and watches heavyweight fights. She survived 11 of her siblings. What helped her live so long? “Vegetarian diet,” she says.

Beatrice Wood – 105 years old – vegetarian.

The woman about whom James Cameron made the movie Titanic. It was she who served as the prototype for the elderly Rose in the film (the one with the pendant). She lived to the age of 105 on a completely vegetarian diet.

Blanche Mannix – 105 years old – Vegetarian.

Blanche is a lifelong vegetarian, meaning she has never eaten meat in her entire life. She survived the launch of the Wright brothers’ first airplane and TWO WORLD WARS. She radiates with happiness and life, and her longevity and happiness are the merit of vegetarianism.

Missy Davy – 105 years old – vegan.                                                                                                   

She is a follower of Jainism, the basis of which is respect for animals. Jains observe “ahimsa”, that is, they abstain even from milk, so as not to inconvenience the cows, and they also try to eat mainly fruits and not injure the plant by picking nuts or fruits. Missy was a vegan and lived to be 105 years old, she was very honored in her homeland.

Katherine Hagel – 114 years old – Vegetarian.                                                                                      

She is the second oldest person in the US and the third oldest in the world. An ovo-lacto-vegetarian, she loves carrots and onions and lives on a vegetable farm. In addition to vegetables, she likes strawberries, which she sold as a child. Her official baptismal certificate states that she was born on November 8, 1894.

She had two sets of twins and still has a 90 year old daughter. Interestingly, her sister-in-law was the longest-lived person in Minnesota and lived for 113 years and 72 days. Katherine says she is still active, enjoying gardening, picking raspberries and recently planting tomatoes.

Charles “Hap” Fisher—age 102—vegetarian.                                                                            

It is currently the oldest resident of Brandon Oaks. He still has a sharp mind and a high IQ. He is still active at Roanoke College and is probably the nation’s oldest scholar still publishing scholarly papers.

He is a scientist. He has a degree in research chemistry and has solved countless equations. He taught at Harvard. When he was 10 years old, his beloved chicken was killed and fried for dinner, after which Charles promised never to eat meat again. Charles says he has been a vegetarian for over 90 years and is now 102.

Christian Mortensen – 115 years and 252 days – vegetarian.                                                   

Christian Mortensen, a vegetarian, holds the record as the oldest fully documented person in the world and probably in human history (fully documented), according to the American Gerontological Society.

John Wilmot, PhD, wrote about this case of extreme longevity in an AGO study. Long-lived men are rare, women often live longer. That is why the achievement of the vegetarian Mortensen is so amazing.

He actually achieved the status of a super-long-liver – a person who lived more than ten years after his century. In addition, this still sober-minded person without any signs of degenerative diseases and insanity is the oldest person in human history, whose life is carefully documented. (You need to keep in mind that there may be people older, but all of Christian’s documents are carefully checked and confirmed). His example forced gerontologists to reconsider their views on the limit of male longevity. Christian has a great sense of humor and is perfectly happy.

Clarice Davis – 102 years old – vegetarian.                                                                          

Known as “Miss Clarice”, she was born in Jamaica and is a Seventh-day Adventist who practices a healthy vegetarian diet. She does not miss meat at all, rather, on the contrary, she is glad that she does not eat it. She makes everyone around her happy. “Miss Clarice is never sad around, she makes you smile all the time! her friend says. She always sings.

Fauja Singh – 100 years old – vegetarian.                                                                           

Surprisingly, Mr. Singh has retained such musculature and strength that he still runs a marathon! He even holds the world marathon record in his age group. An important part of achieving this record is, first of all, the ability to live up to his age, which is much more difficult than running 42 kilometers. Fauja is a Sikh and his long beard and mustache complete the look perfectly.

Now he lives in the UK, and he is even offered to appear in an ad for Adidas. He is 182 cm tall. He likes lentils, green vegetables, curry, chappati and ginger tea. In 2000, vegetarian Singh amazed everyone by running 42 kilometers and breaking the previous world record by almost 58 minutes at the age of 90! Today he holds the title of the oldest marathon runner in the world, all thanks to a vegetarian diet.

Florence Ready – 101 years old – vegetarian, raw foodist.                                                                          

She still does aerobics 6 days a week. Yes, that’s right, she’s over 100 years old and does aerobics six days a week. She usually eats raw food, mainly fruits and vegetables. She has been a vegetarian for almost 60 years. Some meat-eaters don’t live past 60, let alone 40. “When you talk to her, you forget she’s 101,” says her friend Perez. – It is amazing!” “Blue Ridge Times”

Frances Steloff – 101 years old – vegetarian.                                                                         

Francis loves animals very much. She is considered the patron saint of animals and she has always taught people to take care of all the beautiful animals around us. She was a poet, writer, and owner of a bookstore whose clients included George Gershwin, Woody Allen, Charlie Chaplin, and many others.

As a young woman, she had to fight for women’s rights and against censorship (remember, this was in the late 1800s and early 1900s) to end book bans, for freedom of speech, which eventually led to one of the most important anti-censorship decisions in history. America. An obituary about her was printed in The New York Times.

Gladys Stanfield – 105 years old – lifelong vegetarian.                                                   

Gladys learned to drive in a Model T Ford, loves her vegan diet and admits to occasionally eating chocolate or whole grain muffins with honey. Gladys is the oldest inhabitant of Creekside. She never ate (and never wanted to try) steak because of its smell. Vegetarian loves life, has many friends and celebrated her last birthday in the company of more than 70 friends. She has been a lifelong vegetarian and has never tasted meat in 105 years.

Harold Singleton – 100 years old – Adventist, African American, vegetarian.                            

Harold “H.D.” Singleton was a leader and pioneer of Adventist work among blacks in the southern United States. He graduated from Oakwood University, survived the Great Depression and became president of the South Atlantic Conference. He was not only among the first fighters for the rights of African Americans, but he was a vegetarian more than a century ago, when few people would have thought of it.

Gerb Wiles — 100 years old — vegetarian.                                                                                        

When the Coat of Arms was small, William Howard Taft was president, and the Chevrolet Motor Cars company was just founded. However, he survived to the present day and considers a vegetarian diet, faith, sense of humor and sports as the secrets of his long life. Yes, sports, he says.

The coat of arms is still pumping muscles in the gym. The coat of arms lives in Loma Linda, the so-called “blue zone”, where many centenarians live. Almost all of them do not eat meat, follow a plant-based diet, eat fruits, nuts, vegetables and have excellent purposefulness.

Loma Linda has been featured in National Geographic and is featured in the book Blue Zones: Longevity Lessons from Centenarians. Gerb still goes to the gym and uses up to 10 machines to “train different parts of the body,” in addition to a meat-free diet.

China’s oldest woman, India’s oldest man, Sri Lanka’s oldest, Dane’s oldest, Britain’s oldest, Okinawans, oldest marathon runner, oldest bodybuilder, oldest certified man, second oldest woman, Marie Louise Meillet, were all calorie restrictors. vegetarianism, veganism, or a diet high in plant foods.

Key to the century: no red meat and a vegetarian diet.

The bottom line is that you can live to be 100 years old whether you eat meat or not. The WAPF people believe that after a while those who don’t eat meat start producing less healthy offspring. This is not yet in my plans, so, true or not, this argument in favor of meat does not apply to me. They also think that people who eat meat are healthier. I believe we need complete protein, but that doesn’t convince me to eat meat. For example, why do Seventh-day Adventists, being vegetarians, live one and a half times longer than meat-eaters?

In a study of Seventh-day Adventists—they follow a strict vegetarian diet—it was found that people who ate mostly vegetables lived a year and a half longer than meat-eaters; those who regularly ate nuts got two more years on top.

In Okinawa, Japan, where there are a lot of centenarians, people eat up to 10 servings of vegetables a day. Perhaps future research will shed a little more light on this topic.


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