The subtleties of cooking pies in the oven

Oven temperature setting And the oven can lie. And if recently, when preparing your signature brownies, instead of a delicious treat, you got a burnt disappointment, you should not sin on the moon, it’s just time to check the temperature regime of your oven. Even in the most expensive models of ovens, thermometers one day take on a life of their own. Practice shows that, as a rule, the error of the thermometer is 25 ° C in one direction or another, while the oven keeps the set temperature stable. Use an oven thermometer to check the oven temperature. Pay attention to the units in which the thermometer and your oven are measured – in Celsius or Fahrenheit. Recalculate if necessary. Then place the thermometer on the middle rack of the oven and set the desired oven temperature. Check the thermometer reading. If they don’t match, note the temperature difference and next time just add or subtract that number from the desired oven temperature. And if your oven is still under warranty, of course, you should call the master. Crispy pie Even the most appetizing pie can be ruined by a raw crust. To make the crust crispy from the bottom and top, it is better to use the lower level of the oven and the lower heat setting with a fan. As the temperature rises, a crust forms first at the bottom and then at the top. It is better not to move the baking sheet or baking dish close to the back wall in order to ensure good air circulation, then the cake will bake evenly and turn out juicy inside. Transparent silicone baking pans are very useful – they allow you to see how browned the crust of your dessert is. Pie with golden crust To prevent the cake from burning, in many recipes it is recommended to spread the dough on foil. But there is a more efficient way. Use it the next time you want to treat your loved ones to a homemade treat. Step 1. Take a 30 cm square piece of foil and fold it in half to make a rectangle. Step 2 Now fold in half again to make a square. Step 3. Step back 7 cm from the folded edge and cut a semicircle with scissors. Step 4. Unfold the foil, cover the baking dish with it and make sure that you get the hole of the right size. The foil should cover only the edge of the crust of the future pie. If the hole is too small, fold the foil again and cut out a larger circle. Step 5. Put the foil on the bottom of the baking dish, and bake the cake for the time indicated in the recipe. Oh, and also, if you are cooking a dish for the first time, be sure to follow the recipe. You can start experimenting when the basic recipe has been worked out. Good luck! Source: Translation: Lakshmi

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