What are the benefits of soursop? – Happiness and health


Soursop comes from the soursop. In Brazil, and in general in the medical world it is called graviola. The soursop is green on the outside with a skin supplanted by kinds of prickles. From the inside, it is a white pulp containing black seeds.

Soursop is a very pleasant tasting fruit, slightly sweet. It can be eaten like a fruit. It can also be cooked. Soursop has always been used medicinally by the peoples of the Caribbean islands, South America and Africa. Also, what are the benefits of soursop given its widespread medical use (1).

The components of soursop

Soursop is 80% water. It contains among others B vitamins, vitamin C, carbohydrates, proteins, magnesium, potassium, phosphorus, calcium, sodium and copper.

The benefits of soursop

Soursop, a proven anti-cancer

The American Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center (MSKCC) has demonstrated the benefits of soursop used on cancer patients. These soursop extracts will therefore attack and destroy only carcinogenic cells.

In addition, 20 research laboratories in the United States under the coordination of pharmaceutical companies have carried out studies on the benefits of soursop. They attest that

  • Soursop extracts actually only attack cancer cells, sparing healthy ones. Soursop helps fight 12 types of cancer including colon cancer, breast cancer, prostate cancer, lung cancer and pancreatic cancer.
  • Soursop extracts are 10 times more effective than foods used in chemotherapy in slowing down and breaking down cancer cells.

Prevention is better than cure. Below follows the link of a testimony on the use of the leaves and fruit of the soursop tree to overcome the breast cancer from which his wife suffered (2).

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Soursop against herpes

Soursop through its many antiviral, antimicrobial and antibacterial properties can effectively fight against parasites and certain viruses that attack our body. Researchers Lana Dvorkin-Camiel and Julia S. Whelan demonstrated in their research published in 2008 in the African journal “ Journal of Dietary Supplements ” that soursop effectively fights herpes.

Its extracts are used in the cure of patients with herpes and many other viruses. If you regularly consume soursop, you protect your body from viral and bacterial attacks (3)

What are the benefits of soursop? – Happiness and health

Soursop to fight against insomnia and nervous disorders

Do you happen to have interrupted sleep? Or if you can’t sleep, consider soursop. It can be consumed in fruit juice, jam or sorbet. Consume this fruit before bedtime. You will very quickly be rocked by Morphée. It also helps to fight or prevent depression, nervous disorders.

Soursop against rheumatism

Thanks to the anti-inflammatory and anti-rheumatic properties of soursop extracts, this fruit is a safe ally in the fight against arthritis and rheumatism. If you have rheumatic pains, you need to boil the leaves of the soursop tree and drink it in tea.

Add a little honey to make the drink more pleasant to drink. You can also use these leaves in your dishes like bay leaves. Studies have been published by the American Cancer Center Memorial Sloan-Kettering (MSKCC) on the benefits of soursop against arthritis. Patients who consumed infusions made from the leaves of soursop saw their pain gradually decrease over the course of a week.

The corossol against mild burns and pain

In case of burn, crush soursop leaves that you apply to the affected part of the skin. Thanks to its anti-inflammatory effects, the pain will disappear. In addition, your skin will be gradually restored (4).

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By the way, after a hard day’s work, you can have soursop tea. Boil your leaves yourself and consume it. It will relieve your back pain, legs. You will feel better afterwards. This drink also helps with nasal congestion.

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Soursop against digestive disorders

You have diarrhea or bloating, consume the soursop fruit, you will feel much better. Totally relieved from this discomfort. Soursop, through its anti-bacterial properties, effectively fights against intestinal parasites, which causes bloating and diarrhea. Moreover, through the water and fibers that this fruit contains, it promotes intestinal transit (5).


Soursop against diabetes

Through its photochemical compounds (acetogenins), soursop acts against spikes in blood sugar. It thus helps keep your glucose levels at a stable level (6).

In 2008, research was carried out in laboratories and published by the African Journal of Traditional Medicine and Food Supplements. These studies involved rats with diabetes. Some were only fed for two weeks with extracts of soursop.

The others were subjected to another type of treatment. After two weeks, those on a soursop diet had reached near normal glucose levels. They also had healthier blood circulation and a healthier liver. This implies that the consumption of soursop by diabetics can be of tremendous help to them (7).


What are the benefits of soursop? – Happiness and health

Small juice recipe before leaving us

You can eat the soursop pulp (not the grains and the skin of course) whole. Moreover, they are fibers and therefore very good for your health. But if you’ve decided to drink soursop juice, we’re going to give you a boost for natural and delicious juice.

So after cleaning your soursop from its skin and grains, cut the pulp into pieces and put it in a blender. Add a cup of milk. Mix everything. Then filter the juice obtained. Here it is, it’s ready, you have an extremely delicious nectar. You can take it with you everywhere. Whether at the office, on your walks … As long as it is stored very well since it contains milk (8).

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Any excess night

As you already know, even the most beneficial elements for our body should be consumed in moderation. The same goes for soursop, which consumed excessively can expose you to Parkinson’s disease in the long term. Studies have been carried out on populations of the West Indian islands whose consumption of this fruit is in excess of their culinary habits.

These populations develop this disease more. The link between binge drinking between soursop and Parkinson’s disease has been established. But I imagine that here in France, this problem cannot really arise. Not only does this fruit not grow here, so we have it at higher prices, which discourages excessive consumption. Soursop is good for preventing many types of illnesses.

Consuming 500 mg 2-3 times per week as a food supplement is sufficient. You can seek the advice of your doctor if you have a particular health case.


Soursop should now be included in your diet in view of all its properties and all the benefits against serious diseases. You can make the infusion of its leaves as a hot drink after the meal.

You can also consume it as nectar (make your homemade juice, it’s healthier) or as a food supplement in pharmacies. If you are at risk for Parkinson’s disease, do not forget to talk to your doctor before consuming soursop on a daily basis. Do you know other virtues of this fruit or other recipes?

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