Tiger Balm: 27 Best Uses


Tiger Balm was very popular in the 80s. It was often used as a grandmother’s remedy for toothaches, rheumatism pains, dry skin or even hemorrhoids. And yes, tiger balm is used for almost everything!

More and more often, essential oils have taken an important place in the treatment of pain and other benign diseases.

However, tiger balm remains a must. It is a balm to have absolutely at home, because it is very effective against several benign diseases.

We have collected for you the 27 best uses of tiger balm.

Red or white tiger balm: how to choose?

In general, red tiger balm is recommended for  muscle and joint pain. It is the strongest balm

The white balm on the other hand is recommended against headaches, insect bites and all respiratory infections (we explain everything in the rest of the article)

Another advantage of this miracle product: its price. Indeed, it costs almost nothing but it can be used in very many situations. I always have a little pot at home 😉

Here are the different tiger balms with their prices:

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To fight against tonsillitis

It’s winter and you know you are very sensitive to tonsillitis. Small precaution, think about preventing rather than treating your angina.

Apply tiger balm to the throat, massage this area well in a circular manner. Do it twice a day, especially at bedtime.

This is very effective in the prevention and even in the fight against tonsillitis.

Tiger Balm: 27 Best Uses
Tiger balm for pain

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In case of hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids are veins located between the rectum and the anus. These veins, under the effect of the contraction, dilate to allow bowel movements to pass.

Hernial attacks commonly called hemorrhoids are caused by inflammation of these veins (2).


Hemorrhoidal attacks are painful, sometimes you have trouble sitting down properly. To calm the pain, use tiger balm.

Do a circular massage on the anal area. Not only will your pain subside, but the swelling will gradually decrease.

Beyond the application of tiger balm, you should avoid eating too many starches as they promote states of constipation.


Frequent constipation in turn promotes hemorrhoidal crises. Drink plenty of water and avoid being overweight. Because it is a main reason for hemorrhoids.

In addition to these two causes of hemorrhoids, you have the age factor, the hereditary factor, sitting for long hours, smoking.

Against respiratory problems

Tiger balm has a fluidifying effect. It also clears the respiratory tract. If you have a cold with a stuffy nose and it’s hard to breathe, consider rubbing a thin layer of tiger balm under your nose.

Be careful just a little, because it stings. You can also put it in a tissue and inhale throughout the day to clear your airways, and remove mucus.

Remember to apply tiger balm at bedtime. It works well at night while the body is at rest. In addition, it will facilitate your sleep.

In the same vein, to unclog the airways, apply balm to the chest before going to bed.

To erase the paint on the fingers

Sometimes when painting at home, you get your fingers or part of your body dirty. Tiger balm will help you remove them.

Apply balm liberally in a disposable towel, and wipe your hands with it. You can apply the balm directly to the stained part of your skin.

Massage gently, the paint will soften and you can easily remove it.

For steam baths

If you have a cold, strong smells, body aches, or extreme fatigue, consider a tiger balm steam bath.

Heat water and let dissolve ½ teaspoon for 2 liters of water. Cover yourself completely on the solution and do your steam bath.

Baby and tiger balm?

From my personal experience with tiger balm, I do not recommend tiger balm for babies in any way. I had already applied it to my 15 month old baby when she had a cold.

After about 30 minutes, she started to drool. I had to wash it urgently to stop the effect of the balm.

Tiger balm is very strong and it is only suitable for adults. For babies, balms specially designed for babies are available in pharmacies.

You can apply only tiger balm to the baby’s cradle, so that the sleeping child can breathe it. This is very effective.

In case of foot pain

For you ladies, I highly recommend it. After a long day in the heels, consider relieving ankles and toes with a tiger balm bath.

Heat a little water. Add some balm to your water. When the water is lukewarm, immerse your feet in it and let them soak for about XNUMX minutes. It’s very relaxing too.

You can also massage them with tiger balm before bed if you don’t have time for a foot bath.

Tiger balm is good for pain relieving massages (3).

In case of minor burns

In the event of light burns, think of the balm of the tiger. Gently massage the affected part. You will quickly be relieved.

In addition, the spots caused by the burns will disappear on their own, and you will not be itchy either. Remember that rather you apply the balm the better.

Against migraines

In case of migraines, apply a little tiger balm on your forehead and massage in circular the area. Apply the Balm to the temples, the back of the neck, between the skull and the shoulders.

You can apply it just under the nose, above the upper lip. These different areas massaged with the balm will heal your migraines. I do this for migraines and it works for me.

In this study, it was shown that migraines could effectively be treated from tiger balm. The study looked at tiger balm, migraine medications, and a placebo.

The anti-pain effects of the balm are almost identical to those of anti-migraine medications. On the other hand, they differ from the placebo. This confirms the effectiveness of tiger balm and its difference in treatment with a placebo (4).

Sitz baths

If you have strong vaginal odors, use tiger balm in your sitz baths. It fights against strong odors. The properties of this balm will capture bad smells.

Instead of a scent that is not recommended, you will have a menthol scent, that’s better, isn’t it?

Against dry skin

If your skin is cracked from the cold or for any other reason, massage the affected area with tiger balm.

Not only will the balm hydrate your skin and make it supple after 2 to 3 weeks of application; and the fine wounds caused will be healed very quickly.

Against horns and calluses

To fight against corns and calluses on the feet, consider soaking them regularly with lukewarm water and tiger balm.

After about 20 to 30 minutes, consider gently scratching the affected areas. These dead skin will fall off on their own.

Apply after drying your feet, balm on the affected parts, Do it over 4-6 weeks for very good results.

Tiger Balm: 27 Best Uses
Tiger balm against horns and callusesand

Back ache

If you have back pain, tiger balm will give you relief. Get a massage on your spine and entire back.

Emphasize the spine, shoulders and lower back. Also massage the ribs from the inside to the outside.

For people who lift heavy loads, tiger balm is imperative in your home.

Against body odor

The strong scent of tiger balm helps fight body odor in general. Whether in the armpits or the whole body.

Take a lukewarm bath with 1 teaspoon of tiger balm. Immerse yourself in it for about twenty minutes. Repeat this for about 8 weeks. Tiger balm baths will help you relax and therefore get better sleep.

Against dry lips

It is not a sexy lip remedy, however tiger balm will repair the skin on your lips. It helps hydrate and treat them in depth to prevent dryness. Apply just a tiny bit.

Against fevers

To fight against colds, tiger balm is to be used in a steam bath, in massage or in your bath.

For massage, massage the whole body. Emphasize the soles of the feet, spine, neck, forehead, lower back, and ribs.

Against diarrhea and constipation

Tiger Balm is not for oral consumption. When you have diarrhea, constipation, or digestive discomfort, massage the lower abdomen, navel and anal area with tiger balm.

Lie down and let your body rest. Tiger balm works best when the body is at rest.

An anti inflammatory

Tiger balm is an anti inflammatory. In case of arthritis, or pain at various levels of your body, consider massages with tiger balm to fight against the pain.

A rehydrating agent

To rehydrate your parched skin, you can use tiger balm. Watch out for the smell though. Some people are very sensitive to its strong smell.

You can use it regularly to fight against dry hands that are more exposed to the cold.

Against insect bites

Tiger balm is a balm used in case of mosquito or insect bites. If you are going to go camping (1) or hiking, don’t forget tiger balm.

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To prevent insect bites, rub them on your legs and arms. The strong scent keeps insects away from you.

If you have forgotten the prevention, simply massage the swelling, the sting with the balm in case of concern. The swelling will go down.

The irritation and itching resulting from the sting will also decrease. Usually, insect bites itch and therefore lead to a worse situation.

To remove sticker traces

Did you put a sticker on your car, your bedroom wall? You took it off after a while, but only a few traces remain.

Spread some tiger balm on the sticker remnants. Wait about ten minutes, the time for the balm to take effect on these remains. Scrape very gently with a tissue or a paper file.

A scent to ward off insects

Against cockroaches, fleas, ants and other insects that come into your home, use tiger balm. This balm thanks to its strong smell will scare away these insects.

Rub it on the 4 corners of your bed, in the kitchen, on the balcony …

The same goes for other furniture in the house, if they are infected with cockroaches and the like. Apply tiger balm to wooden, bamboo furniture to scare away unwanted people.

To protect your pets

To control fleas that can attack your pets on outings, gently massage their paws and hair with this balm. The smell will prevent insects from clinging to the hair or pasta of your animals.

Against toothache

On the packaging of tiger balms it is written that this balm cures toothache. Put some tiger balm in a cotton ball and place it on the sore tooth (5).

The effect of the balm will relieve your pain.

Against shoe odors

Just like body odor, tiger balm will help you remove strong odors from your shoes.

For sportive people

After periods of intense training or games, consider massaging your chest with tiger balm. This will restore your body and prevent chest pain.

Against seasickness

Apply tiger balm to your lips to save yourself the urge to travel when traveling.

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Long used in traditional Chinese medicine, tiger balm was created to stimulate wellness and healing functions in the body.

It facilitates blood circulation, soothes pain, promotes concentration and good sleep.

Tiger balm is necessary at home for its multiple uses, especially massages. Beyond its strong smell, it is full of multiple benefits for your well-being.

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