8 things successful people do on their weekends

On weekends, celebrity chef Markus Samuelsson plays football, TV correspondent Bill McGowan cuts wood, and architect Rafael Vinoli plays the piano. Doing a different kind of activity allows your brain and body to recover from the stresses you face during the week. It is logical that relaxing at home in front of the TV is also a different kind of activity, but this action will not bring you any positive emotions and sensations, and your head will not rest. Get inspired by these 8 things successful people do on the weekend!

Plan your weekend

Today’s world offers a huge number of opportunities. According to Vanderkam, locking yourself up at home, watching TV and browsing the news feed is the inability to think about what you want to do on the weekend. If you realize that you do not know about your plans for the weekend, look at the posters for events, movies, theaters, workshops, training and break them into two days. If you just want to go for a long walk, write that down as well to create an intention. Planning also allows you to enjoy the joy of anticipating something fun and new.

Plan something fun for Sunday night

Treat yourself to some fun on a Sunday night! This can extend the weekend and focus on fun rather than Monday mornings. You can have a big dinner with the family, go to an evening yoga class, or do some kind of charity.

Maximize your morning

As a rule, time in the morning is wasted. Usually, many of us get up much later than on weekdays and start cleaning the house and cooking. Get up before your family and take care of yourself. For example, you can take yourself for a run, exercise, or even read an interesting book that you have been putting off for so long.

Create traditions

Happy families often hold special events on the weekends. For example, they cook pizza on Friday or Saturday evening, pancakes in the morning, the whole family goes to the skating rink. These traditions become good memories and increase the level of happiness. Come up with your own traditions that all members of your family will be happy to support.

Schedule your sleep

This is useful not only for babies. If you think weekends are the perfect opportunity to go to bed after midnight and wake up at noon, your body doesn’t think so at all. Yes, you need to rest and sleep, but not to the detriment of your body, because with the beginning of the week it will again plunge into a stressful state. Plan what time you go to bed and wake up. You can even take a nap during the day if you feel like it.

Do a little work

During weekends we take a break from work, but doing some small errands can benefit your time on weekdays. If you have a window while planning your weekend, say between a movie and a family dinner, spend it on a little work. This action is motivated by the fact that, having fulfilled the duties, you can move on to pleasant things.

Get rid of gadgets

Giving up your phone, computer, and other gadgets creates space for other things. This is one of the best practices that allows you to be here and now. Instead of texting your friends, make an appointment with them ahead of time. And if you have to work, think of a specific time and then turn off the computer and return to real life. A weekend without gadgets is the best opportunity to realize how much time you spend on your phone and use this time to good use.

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