What are the benefits of Moringa – Happiness and health


Moringa is a food plant. In India, for several centuries, Moringa has been used medicinally in the treatment of more than 300 diseases.

Beyond India, it grows in tropical countries such as countries in Africa, South America and Asia. Let’s find out together the benefits of moringa.

What does moringa contain

Moringa is made up of:

  • Proteins: its proteins are twice as much as the proteins contained in yogurt (1)
  • Vitamin A: this plant contains vitamin A just like the carrot. However, hold on tight. For the same amount of moringa and carrots, you have 4 times more vitamin A than in carrots.
  • Vitamin C: the amount of vitamin C contained in moringa is 7 times greater than that contained in oranges, for the same amounts taken. Beyond vitamin C, moringa is rich in several other vitamins.
  • Calcium: the calcium contained in moringa is equivalent to the amount of calcium contained in 4 glasses of milk
  • Potassium: the potassium in a moringa plant is equivalent to the amount of potassium in 3 bananas
  • Fiber: it contains 4 times more fiber than oats
  • 96 Powerful Antioxidants: The Antioxidants In Moringa Make It Famous With Men
  • Iron: it is 25 times richer in iron than the iron contained in spinach
  • Zinc, Minerals, amino acids and many other nutrients are contained in moringa.

The medical virtues of moringa

Male sexuality

In general, men care little about their health. Sometimes it can happen that the princely area points to a problem with the nose, usually an erectile dysfunction (the most annoying problem for men). So there, they are more interested in eating well for better health (2).

Moringa being a super rich food, its consumption enriches the whole body with its many components. Particularly from the point of view of libido, the zinc, calcium and vitamin C contained in moringa support the production of testosterone.

They also allow an erection of good quality and of good duration. They also promote blood circulation to the genitals which helps support a quality erection.

The same goes for vitamin D which supports the production of testosterone. However, testosterone allows better ejaculation, better quality and quantity of sperm.

Moringa against constipation and the digestive system

Moringa contains more fiber than oats. However, foods rich in fiber stabilize and balance our digestive system. It allows us to treat constipation.

It is also important to fight against bacteria in our stomach or against inflammation.

What are the benefits of Moringa – Happiness and health

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Protection of the immune system

Given its great nutritional value, moringa nourishes and protects the human system from head to toe (3). It is a plant that acts in the immune system. This protection of the immune system has been shown in the treatment of patients with HIV / AIDS.

Indeed in southern countries, given the lack of resources of some patients to eat adequately and support their immune system, moringa has been recommended.


Studies conducted by centers have shown that consuming moringa helps support the failing immune system of these patients. This is to say how rich the moringa is.

The various studies have proved to be satisfactory because the patients whose immune system was initially weak returned to their full form with better health.

Moringa is especially recommended for children and people of the third age given the degradation of their immune system at these ages.


In addition, the zinc contained in moringa participates in the formation of more than 300 enzymes, in the formation of our DNA, in physiological growth …


In the books of Ayurveda (traditional Indian medicine), it is stated that moringa can cure more than 300 diseases. Among these diseases which can be treated with moringa; figure high blood pressure. No wonder is not it?

It purifies toxins

You consume toxins when you breathe, you eat or you use detergents. It is the same when you work in an unhealthy environment or for all your activities where you are exposed to the inhalation of toxic foods, dangerous gases, heavy metals and so on.


Your body warns you (4) that it is saturated with toxins when you experience migraines, lack of sleep, blood pressure, obesity (excess toxins that are not eliminated store up as fat in the upper abdomen. ).

For more resistant organisms, the immune system will not reveal this problem until the terminal stage of intoxication. We then end up with diseases that are difficult to cure.

You must therefore prevent this slow and serious poisoning of the body, to support the immune system. You must consume organic plants, fresh juices to periodically eliminate stored toxins and prepare your immune system for a better defense.

Moringa is a plant that perfectly meets these needs of the body, since it deeply purifies the body. Indeed, the dried leaves of moringa contain essential amino acids such as methionine, an amino acid rare among plants but essential for the purification of the organism.

Moringa also contains sulfide which plays an important role in people’s nutrition (5).

Memories, cognitive abilities

Loss of memories is common. Everyone has experienced this at least once in their life. Whether young child, adult, man or woman. No matter what position you hold, the entire planet suffers in the vast majority.

The worst part is that this memory loss increases with age. What is this due to? The fact that our neurotransmitters become deficient with age. This deficiency is largely due to a poor nutrition of our brain in hemoglobin.

Thanks to its high iron concentration (25 times more than spinach for the same quantities), moringa contributes to a supply of hemoglobin to the brain. We recall that iron plays an essential part in the manufacture of hemoglobin (5).

In addition, moringa has a high concentration of zinc which promotes brain activity. Zinc is considered an essential element not only for cognitive abilities but for the entire immune system.

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For water treatment

Moringa seeds contain cationic polyelectrolyte which helps purify water from turbidity (state of cloudy water). They make water unfit for consumption drinkable.

Not only is it more economical for the southern countries to use this option for the treatment of their water. But it is healthier because the polyelectrolyte is biodegradable unlike alumina sulphate and other foods which are generally used for water treatment.

Beauty is also on the menu

For beautiful skin

Moringa is increasingly used in the manufacture of cosmetic foods. Indeed from its seeds, one can manufacture oil which will be used for the production of soap, moisturizing creams, perfume in the cosmetics industry.

For the skin, the effects of the benefits of moringa are well established. They allow:

  • Hydrate, restore the skin
  • Beautify and soften the skin
  • Improve the elasticity of the epidermis
  • Fight against cell aging
  • Balance sebum production

For all these virtues of moringa on the skin, it is easy to understand why its seeds are used more and more in the manufacture of cosmetic foods.

What are the benefits of Moringa – Happiness and health
Moringa- leaves and ground

Slimming diet

For your slimming diets, moringa is recommended. You can eat the leaves in a good salad with cucumbers, tomatoes and a good dressing. Not only is it very rich and you won’t feel hungry. But in addition it supports your system throughout the day.

You will find all the food supplements there without taking 1 gram more.

To fully enjoy the benefits of moringa during your slimming diet, eat it in a salad. Otherwise after consuming it alone, eat a fruit, an apple for example. This is to prevent heartburn that may occur.

Boost your energy

Contrary to popular belief, energy drinks, coffee, and the like are sources of long-term fatigue. Indeed, if at a time T, coffee and these sugar-filled energy drinks can give you energy, they are ultimately destructive for your body.

These energy drinks later promote laziness, insomnia, general fatigue. Consume a natural source of energy such as moringa. Not only will moringa cleanse your body of stored toxins, but in addition it will boost your body, revitalize it. It is also sugar free.

The different compositions of the moringa tree and their benefits


They are eaten fresh, in salads for example or even in sauces in hot countries. They can be cooked just like you cook your spinach. Moringa goes well with peanuts.


Moringa pods can be boiled, roasted or steamed. They are also very nutritious. The pods are even better when they are tender. But when they last, it becomes difficult to chew them and the taste is stronger.


Moringa seeds can be prepared in the form of popcorn. It’s easier to eat them that way with butter and salt. You can also add 1 tablespoon of seeds to your yogurt.


Traditionally they are used in producing countries. But avoid buying it everywhere. Only those sold in pharmacies because the roots contain toxic substances.


They are consumed in hot countries in the form of herbal tea. We boil for a long time to get the juice out. Then we make the patient drink it all day. The roots of moringa have indisputable medical virtues.

How to consume moringa?

All parts of moringa can be eaten (6). They are all useful. The seeds are used for water purification. As for the roots, only consume them if they are sold in pharmacies.

Buy organic moringa foods. Rest assured that these foods are 100% organic. You need 6g of moringa on average per day. Which amounts to 2 teaspoons of moringa powder.

What are the benefits of Moringa – Happiness and health
Moringa-fresh juice

The leaves are eaten in salads. They can be lightly cooked like spinach and eaten as such.

You can consume it in powder (on sale everywhere, especially in pharmacies).

You can take it as an herbal tea. In this case, use fresh moringa leaves. Boil.

If you’ve bought moringa tea instead, don’t throw away your tea bag after consuming your tea. Open the pouch and use the residual powder to sprinkle your salads or add it to your fruit juices

You can still feed your pet with this residual powder, why not? In this case, mix the residual powder with your pet’s food and feed it.

You can’t stand the smell and taste of moringa no problem, here’s a secret. Use moringa in your cooking. At the end of cooking, you can add the two teaspoons. In addition, you can add these two teaspoons of coffee in your fruit and vegetable juices.

Dangers / contraindications of moringa

  • Risk of poisoning: the leaves, seeds and pods of moringa are eaten by populations without any significant risk. So there are no major drawbacks to consuming them. However, the root of moringa contains a toxic product.This is why it is recommended to consume the roots (in medical forms) to avoid any risk of poisoning.
  • Pregnancy: moringa is a plant rich in vitamin A. However, vitamin A should be consumed little during pregnancy. Indeed, vitamin A consumed in large quantities causes cases of malformations in the fetus. So avoid or reduce your consumption in case of pregnancy.
  • Kidney stones: in addition, the vitamin A (retinol) consumed is stored at 90% in the liver. People with or at risk for kidney stones should limit their consumption of moringa.
  • Migraine: People with frequent headaches should limit their consumption of moringa. Moringa contains 4 times more vitamin A than there is in a carrot. It can therefore make migraines and insomnia worse.
    What are the benefits of Moringa – Happiness and health
  • Hypoglycemia: Moringa reduces the level of sugar in the blood. This helps stabilize the level of sugar in the blood. But for people with hypoglycemia, it would be harmful to consume moringa regularly. Why not ask your doctor for advice in this case? he will be better informed to advise or advise against the consumption of moringa.
  • Insomnia: Moringa can cause insomnia, lack of sleep in some consumers. If you have a fairly sensitive sleep, consume moringa in moderation. Also, avoid consuming moringa in the evening to avoid sleep disturbances (7).
  • Diarrhea: Moringa contains times more fiber than oats. Who says fibers speaks of laxative effects. Then an excess will cause diarrhea in the consumer.

Sometimes the very first consumption of moringa can lead to diarrhea. It is understandable, the time for your body to accept this food which is a powerful laxative.


Moringa is a plant with multiple benefits that you cannot ignore. Please incorporate it into your diet if the contraindications of this plant do not apply to you.

Do you have any moringa-based recipes? Do you know other uses of moringa? The Bonheur et santé team will be delighted to hear from you.

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