Weekend diet, 2 days, -2 kg

Losing weight up to 2 kg in 2 days.

The average daily calorie content is 880 Kcal.

The conclusion of French nutritionists that most people get fat on weekends is supported by our nutritionists. Indeed, on days off from work, we spend a lot of time in the kitchen – the abode of all kinds of food temptations. And we so want to eat and drink something tasty and often harmful and high in calories as a reward for a working week.

A weekend diet will help us choose the right eating behavior and the right foods for our Saturday and Sunday menus (or other days of the week on which your weekend falls).

Weekend diet requirements

So, the daily calorie content of the weekend diet should not exceed 1300 energy units. Yes, you can lower it to 800-1200 calories. But nutritionists do not advise lowering the threshold for energy consumption below, otherwise you may encounter a slowdown in metabolism, hunger and other troubles. You can follow this diet as long as you want, if you feel good. As a rule, three to four diet weekends are enough to say goodbye to a couple of unnecessary pounds.

You can compose the weekend menu yourself, based on your personal preferences in choosing food, or use the menu options below. The main thing is not to exceed the indicated calorie content. If you think that you can eat a couple of chocolates or even drink a bottle of wine for the specified calorie intake, this is fundamentally wrong. So you run the risk of creating problems for yourself with the body. The diet should include low-fat milk and sour milk, lean meat, fish, cereals, eggs, vegetables, fruits, berries. It is recommended to eat five times a day, and do not forget to drink enough water.

It is not necessary to completely exclude flour products, but when choosing bread, stop at one that is baked from wholemeal flour. Replace sugar with natural honey, a slice of dark chocolate.

Even on weekends, try to devote at least 20 minutes to sports. And if you can fully work out in the gym, it’s just wonderful.

Of course, a weekend diet will be effective if you do not abuse fatty and sugary foods at other times. Learn to always control the components of your diet and its calorie content. Do not “catch up” on weekdays for diet weekends, otherwise you will not only lose weight, but even gain weight.

Weekend Diet Menu

Option 1


Breakfast: coarse bread toast; tomato; 20 g of hard cheese with minimum fat content; tea with low-fat milk and honey.

Second breakfast: an orange or a small banana.

Lunch: 2-3 tbsp. l. buckwheat porridge; bowl of vegetable puree soup without frying; 100-120 g of boiled beef fillet.

Afternoon snack: 70-80 g of cottage cheese and 50 g of steamed cauliflower; tea / coffee with milk.

Dinner: 4-5 tbsp. l. rice; 100 g of fish (cook without oil); tea with milk.


Breakfast: a small portion of oatmeal with raisins; orange; tea with 1 tsp. honey.

Second breakfast: hard-boiled egg; a slice of bran or whole grain bread; 200 ml of milk.

Lunch: a cup of chicken broth; a slice of cooked or baked chicken breast weighing about 100 g; tea.

Afternoon snack: 200 ml of empty yogurt or low-fat kefir.

Dinner: a portion of steamed vegetables (it is recommended to include bell peppers, cauliflower, asparagus, broccoli in the dish); one chicken egg omelet cooked in a dry pan; lean ham or meat (50 g); herbal decoction or tea.

Option 2


Breakfast: 200 g of rice and pumpkin porridge; a slice of bran bread; a glass of milk.

Second breakfast: a salad of carrots and some green vegetable.

Lunch: a cup of hated beef broth; a couple of tablespoons of buckwheat porridge; 40 g of cheese with minimal fat content; a slice of coarse bread; kiwi and tea.

Afternoon snack: 100 g of berries.

Dinner: 100 g of chicken fillet baked with 20-30 g of hard cheese; jacket potatoes; a tomato; a slice of wholemeal bread; tea with milk.


Breakfast: an omelet of two chicken eggs and a tomato; tea with lemon and 1 tsp. honey.

Second breakfast: salad with apple, pear and a few grapes, seasoned with low-calorie yogurt.

Lunch: 200 g of baked fish; 2 baked or boiled potatoes; salad of half an avocado and onion, seasoned with a few drops of vegetable oil.

Afternoon snack: up to 200 g of steamed broccoli.

Dinner: 200 g of buckwheat; chicken breast, cooked without oil (100 g); a slice of bran bread; 50 g of boiled beets; tea with 1 tsp. honey.

Option 3


Breakfast: cereal or granola without sugar (25 g), slightly seasoned with skim milk; banana; tea.

Second breakfast: apple and tea (with milk).

Lunch: a cup of chicken broth and boiled chicken meat (100 g); chopped cabbage salad drizzled with vegetable oil; whole grain bread; a glass of any fruit or vegetable juice.

Afternoon snack: a glass of yogurt.

Dinner: 100 g of chicken fillet baked under several slices of pineapple; 100 g braised white or red beans; vegetable non-starchy salad, lightly seasoned with a few drops of vegetable oil and lemon juice; bran loaf; pear; tea.


Breakfast: a sandwich made from a slice of whole grain bread and a couple of tomato rings; 20 g of hard cheese; tea with honey.

Second breakfast: two cucumbers; 50 g low-fat cottage cheese; half a glass of carrot juice.

Lunch: a bowl of vegetable puree soup; 100 g boiled shrimp; 2 boiled or baked potatoes; a slice of bran bread; Tea with lemon.

Afternoon snack: half a grapefruit; fresh or canned pineapple (2-3 slices).

Dinner: omelet (for cooking we use two chicken eggs, 50 g of lean meat, 20-30 g of peas and corn); a glass of natural yogurt.

Contraindications for a weekend diet

Unless there are other nutritional recommendations for medical reasons, a weekend diet is not contraindicated for anyone.

Benefits of a weekend diet

  1. Crushing meals helps avoid acute hunger.
  2. The diet is properly balanced, the body has enough of all the substances necessary for its normal functioning. If you compose the menu correctly, you can eat tasty and varied food, avoid digestive problems, speed up your metabolism and get rid of excess savings.
  3. There are no complicated dishes on the menu that require a lot of time and money to prepare.
  4. By following the rules of the weekend diet, you develop a good habit of eating healthy on other days.
  5. This technique allows you to lose almost any amount of kilograms. It is also very good that weight loss occurs at a smooth pace, it is this weight loss that is supported by doctors and nutritionists.

Disadvantages of a weekend diet

  • The only difficulty in following a diet is that it is on weekends that various celebrations and events with plentiful feasts often fall out. On them, food temptations can defeat your willpower, and it will be problematic to calculate the energy value of food. Of course, if this happens once or twice, and you punish yourself for this with subsequent unloading, then nothing terrible will happen.
  • But if sitting at the table on the weekend becomes a way of life, then you are unlikely to be able to fit into the dietary calorie intake.


A weekend diet can be a dietary rule at any time. Listen to your body and follow your goals!

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