Vitamin U

S-methylmethionine, methylmethionine-sulfonium, anti-ulcer factor

Vitamin U is currently excluded from the group of vitamin-like substances.

Vitamin U is named after the first letter of the word “ulcus” (ulcer) due to its ability to heal stomach and duodenal ulcers, but modern scientists question its antiulcer effect.


Vitamin U rich foods

Indicated approximate availability in 100 g of product

Daily requirement of vitamin U

The daily requirement for vitamin U for an adult is 200 mg per day.

Useful properties and its effect on the body

Vitamin U has antihistamine and antiatherosclerotic properties.

Takes part in the methylation of histamine, which leads to the normalization of gastric acidity.

With prolonged use (over several months), S-methylmethionine does not have a negative effect on the state of the liver (its obesity), which the amino acid methionine has.

Signs of a vitamin U deficiency

The manifestations of vitamin U deficiency in nutrition have not been established.

Factors Affecting Vitamin U Content in Foods

Vitamin U is very unstable when heated. In the process of cooking cabbage, 10-3% is destroyed after 4 minutes, 30-11% after 13 minutes, 60-61% after 65 minutes, and 90% of this substance after 100 minutes. And in frozen and canned foods, it is well preserved.

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