The 9 Most Actively Promoting Vegan Celebrities

Maim Bialik 

Mayim Bialik is an American actress with great enthusiasm for veganism. She holds a PhD in neuroscience and is a passionate activist promoting the vegan lifestyle. The actress regularly discusses veganism in open forums, and has also shot several videos for this topic, talking about protecting animals and the environment.


William Adams, better known by the pseudonym, switched to veganism relatively recently, but he did it quite loudly. He posted a video on social media in which he explained that he was switching to veganism in order to improve health and impact on animals and the environment. In addition, he encouraged his fans to join VGang (Vegan Gang – “gang of vegans”). Adams is not afraid to publicly denigrate the food industry, medicine, and the US Food and Drug Administration itself.

Miley Cyrus 

Miley Cyrus may well claim to be the most famous vegan in the world. She has been on a plant-based diet for many years and tries to mention it at every opportunity. Not only has Cyrus cemented her beliefs with two themed tattoos, but she regularly promotes veganism on social media and on talk shows, and also releases vegan clothes and shoes.

Pamela Anderson 

Actress and activist Pamela Anderson is just about the most vocal animal rights activist on this list. She has partnered with animal rights organization PETA, which has made her the face of a number of campaigns and allowed her to travel the world as an activist. Anderson that she wants people to remember the work she has done for animals, not her appearance or who she dated.


Musician and philanthropist Moby is a tireless advocate for veganism. In fact, he has already left his musical career to devote his life to activism. He regularly promotes veganism in interviews and on social media, and even spoke on the topic at. And recently, Moby sold a number of his assets, including his house and most of his recording instruments, to donate to vegan nonprofits.

Mike Tyson 

Mike Tyson’s transition to veganism was very unexpected for everyone. His past is drugs, prison cells and violence, but the legendary boxer turned the tide and adopted a plant-based lifestyle a few years ago. Now he says he wishes he were born vegan and that he feels amazing now.

Katherine von Drachenberg 

Celebrity tattoo artist Kat Von D is an ethical vegan. She takes a positive and non-aggressive approach to this topic, advising people to reconsider their lifestyle. Drachenberg loves animals and is the creator of , and will soon also release a collection of shoes. Even her wedding, the artist made it completely vegan.

Joaquin phoenix 

According to actor Joaquin Phoenix, he has been a vegan for most of his life. In recent years, he has become the face and voice of many documentaries about veganism and animal welfare, including Domination.

Natalie Portman 

Actress and producer Natalie Portman is perhaps the most famous vegan and animal advocate. She recently released a film based on the book of the same name (eng. “Eating Animals”). Through her kindness, Portman promotes veganism through a range of platforms, interviews and social media.

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