How to learn to eat more raw food this fall

1. Farmers Markets This is a real chance to get fresh, delicious foods that will inspire you to go raw. Visit markets where people sell their own products as often as possible to replenish stocks of necessary products. Also, such places are great to get to know the producers personally and make sure the quality of the products. 2. Cook Raw Dinners  A light dinner is great. You will sleep better, and in the morning you will wake up in a good mood and quickly run to the kitchen for breakfast. Here is an example of the perfect salad for an autumn dinner (it is better to prepare a salad in advance – for example, in the morning): ()   3. Plan your meals When we say “plan”, we mean always carrying groceries with you and preparing some meals ahead of time. How about a big bowl of fresh fruit? Try making green juice in the morning and take it with you to work! Buy large bundles of spinach, kale, tomato stalks, and bunches of carrots. There is such a rule, which is confirmed by numerous studies of psychologists: from a large bowl you will take and eat more. This rule also applies to vegetables.  4. Healthy snacks are always with you Yes, carrying food containers with you is another challenge. But you can also prepare for it, you just have to stock up on special reusable bags and glass eco-jars for green juices, snacks, salads and fruits. You can also buy a thermal bag and put carrot sticks, raw salsa, lettuce and a jar of green juice in it. Even if your diet is not 100% raw, try to include more raw foods in your diet, visit farmers’ markets more often, cook dinners without using the stove, take vegetables and fruits with you for a snack. What secrets do you use to eat more raw food? Share with us in the comments!    

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