10 reasons to start running right now

1.    Availability. It is difficult to imagine a more accessible sport. You can run everywhere and at any time: at the stadium, in the park, along the city streets; early in the morning, late in the evening, at lunchtime. And it’s absolutely free! In addition, it does not require special equipment (apart from a comfortable sports uniform). Trendy gadgets that calculate distance and speed will be useful for advanced runners training for results. If running is all about keeping fit and healthy for you, then you can easily do without them!

2. The first step towards a healthy lifestyle. Have you decided to switch to a healthy diet, adhere to a certain daily routine and exercise regularly? Start with regular runs. Gradually, your body itself will begin to ask for more healthy foods. And systematic physical activity helps fight insomnia and improve the quality of sleep!

3. The natural way to lose weight and get in shape. Walking is also a good option, but with the help of running, the process will go faster and more efficiently.

4. Enhance immunity. Regular jogging in the fresh air helps to harden the body and increase its ability to resist infections and viruses!

5. Running is a direct path to longevity. Repeated studies confirm that people who regularly practice jogging live an average of 5-6 years longer. In addition, in old age, running people show higher efficiency and mental clarity than their less athletic comrades.

6. New acquaintances. Do you want to make new friends? Maybe you recently moved to a new area and don’t know anyone yet? Start running! If you regularly meet the same people (same athletes as you) on runs, sooner or later you will begin to say hello to them. And the common passion for running will be an excellent occasion for closer acquaintance and communication.

7. Great way to get your thoughts in order. Often runners note that by the end of the run, the head becomes clearer, the thoughts seem to be “sorted out”. At such moments, a new idea or a solution to a problem that has been tormenting you for a long time may dawn on you. This is due to the active saturation of the blood with oxygen during the run, as a result of which the brain begins to work more fruitfully than before.

8. Inspiration. By running and gradually changing and overcoming yourself, you are charged with inspiration to change something else in your life. And most importantly, you get inner confidence that you will definitely have enough strength for new beginnings!

9. Running brings happiness. During physical activity, the hormone of happiness is produced – endorphin, which relieves stress, relieves depression, and sometimes introduces a state of mild euphoria. There is even such a term – “runner’s euphoria”. This is a state that is characterized by a feeling of unprecedented joy and elation and occurs as a result of prolonged training.

10 Running makes you more beautiful and attractive. Don’t believe? Then you should check it out right now!

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