Infertility? Vegetarianism helps!

Scientists have found that a vegetarian diet increases the chances of previously infertile women to become pregnant. Doctors at Loyola University (USA) have even developed dietary recommendations for what kind of vegetarian and vegan food should be consumed.

“Changing to a healthy diet is an important first step for women who want, but are not yet able to become mothers,” said Dr. Brooke Shantz, lead researcher at Loyola University. “A healthy diet and a healthy lifestyle not only increase the chances of getting pregnant, but also, in the event of pregnancy, ensure the health of the fetus and protect against complications.”

According to the National Infertility Association (USA), 30% of women cannot get pregnant because they are either obese or too thin. Weight directly affects the hormonal situation, and in the case of obesity, it often helps to lose even 5% of weight in order to conceive. One of the healthiest and painless methods of losing weight is – again! – transition to a vegetarian diet. Thus, vegetarianism from all sides is beneficial for expectant mothers.

However, it is not enough just to exclude meat from the diet, the expectant mother must switch to vegetarianism competently. Doctors have compiled a list of foods that a woman consumes to ensure three things for herself: health and weight loss, an increase in the chances of becoming pregnant, and the health of the fetus in case of pregnancy.

The nutritional recommendations of Loyola University physicians are as follows: • Reduce your intake of foods with trans fats and saturated fats; • Increase your intake of foods with monounsaturated fats such as avocados and olive oil; • Eat less animal protein and more plant protein (including nuts, soy and other legumes); • Get enough fiber by including more whole grains, vegetables, and fruits in your diet; • Make sure you get iron: eat legumes, tofu, nuts, grains, and whole grains; • Consume full-fat milk instead of low-calorie (or low-fat) milk; • Take a multivitamin for women regularly. • Women who for some reason are not ready to leave the consumption of animal meat food in general, it is recommended to replace meat with fish.

In addition, scientists recalled that in 40% of cases of infertility in a married couple, men are to blame, not women (such data are given in a report by the American Society for Reproductive Medicine). Among the most common problems are poor sperm quality, low sperm motility. Both of these problems are directly related to obesity among men.

“Men who want to have children also need to maintain a healthy weight and eat right,” Dr. Schantz said. “Obesity in men directly affects testosterone levels and hormonal balance (important factors for conception – Vegetarian).” Thus, future fathers are also advised by American doctors to switch to vegetarianism, at least until they have offspring!



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