Doctor talks about the benefits of cooking with turmeric

Dr. Saraswati Sukumar is an oncologist, as well as a big fan of such seasoning as turmeric. She knows firsthand the health benefits of curcumin and how easy it is to incorporate it into your daily diet. “- says Dr. Sukumar, – “. The doctor cites research showing how curcumin can not only regulate inflammation that leads to certain types of cancer, but also alter DNA to kill cancer cells. According to Dr. Sukumar, the benefits of turmeric are vast, from joint problems with arthritis to diabetes and cancer. However, not all sources of curcumin are equal. The doctor notes that the most effective is the addition of this spice when cooking. Fortunately, despite its bright color, turmeric has a mild flavor and pairs wonderfully with all kinds of vegetables. Dr. Sukumar uses approximately 1/4-1/2 tsp. turmeric depending on the dish.

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