Is it worth it to start a minipig: warnings, advice and cruel reality

From caprice to cruelty

Any business related to the sale of thoroughbred animals today is somehow connected with the deception of customers. Unfortunately, the “implementation” of mini or micro pigs is no exception. The scheme is simple: the buyer is offered the cutest pig of the micro-pig breed, funny grunting, fast running and able to give a person all the warmth that fits in his small body. The new owner of the animal after a few months sees that the mumps has grown too much in size. It turns out that unscrupulous breeders sold him a completely ordinary mini-pig disguised as a dwarf one. But such animals in adulthood can weigh from 40 to 80 kg! What should a deceived buyer do? The question is open. For many people, unfortunately, it is much easier to send an innocent pig to … a slaughterhouse. The rest refuse to raise an artiodactyl and give the pet to shelters or even take it out of town, stop letting it into the house and leave it to the mercy of fate. There is even a completely human name for abandoned pigs – refuseniks.

Meanwhile, mini-pigs themselves are quite difficult animals. They become very attached to the owner and express their love in different ways, for example, running around the house and knocking corners, tearing boxes and ruining furniture. And it happens that the day of the mini-pig is not set in the morning, and because of a bad mood, he bites, snaps. Pigs do not like loneliness and require constant attention 24/7, at least in the first year and a half, until they finally get used to the house and get used to the special routine. Such an animal cannot be compared with a cat or a dog, but people who dream of a mini pig often do not think about it.

What you need to know

When thinking about the possibility of having such a pet as a pygmy pig, you should definitely learn the following:

There are no mini-pigs the size of a Chihuahua in the world

mumps grows and gains weight during the first 5 years of life

It is almost impossible to predict in advance what size the animal will reach in adulthood

mini-pigs can cause allergies

Such an animal rarely gets along with children and the elderly

Pigs can be aggressive, bite, damage furniture and lead to costly repairs

Caring for a mini-pig can hardly be called low-cost

a pig requires a lot of attention and care of the owner, much more than a cat or dog

even buying a mini-pig from breeders advised by friends or from foreign breeders is not a guarantee of protection against deception

Many conscientious owners of mini-pigs are active on the Web, create blogs and write articles urging NOT to get a pig. According to them, an unprepared person will torment himself and torture an animal, even if unintentionally.

Direct speech

We turned to Elizaveta Rodina, the creator of the online community for helping pygmy pigs “Mini-pigs are human friends. Pig Lovers Club”, singer and winner of numerous beauty contests (“Mrs. Russia 2017”, “Mrs RUSSIA 40+ 2018”, etc.):

– Elizabeth, how long has your pig been living with you?

– I got my first pig, Khavrosha, on the eve of the last Year of the Pig. That is exactly 12 years ago. And it completely changed my life! For example, I gave up meat, created the community “Mini Pigs are Man’s Friends”.

– Was it hard to realize that your pet does not belong to the pygmy pig species and will continue to grow?

– Contrary to the assurances of breeders, mini-pigs grow for 4-5 years, adults weigh an average of 50-80 kg. At first I was afraid of this, and then I got three more.  

What does a domestic pig eat?

– My animals, like me, are vegetarians. The basis of nutrition: cereals, fruits and vegetables. My pigs do not eat legumes, as well as cabbage, radish and everything that produces gas. Very fond of pineapple, mango, kiwi and all exotic fruits.

– Do you treat pets the same way as a cat or a dog, or is a pig not comparable to the usual four-legged?

Pigs don’t look like dogs or cats at all. They are special. As Churchill said, the cat looks down on us, the dog looks up, and the pig looks at us as an equal. I agree with that.

– You are the founder of the pygmy pig help club – how did the idea to create such a community come about?

“People acquire these pets without having enough information. For example, none of the breeders say that wild boars (even weighing 30 kg) grow sharp tusks by the age of 3-4 years, and girls “blow the roof” during estrus. After a year or two, or even after a couple of weeks, they begin to attach a mini-pig with the text “Remove this bum, he stinks” or “Urgently take it away, otherwise I’ll euthanize tomorrow.” Unfortunately, these are direct quotes from appeals to our community. People buy a toy, but in fact they acquire a living being with their own needs. Mini pigs need serious care, they need to devote almost all their free time. Otherwise, the animal will try to get a portion of your attention in any way.

– What kind of help do pygmy pigs need?

– For example, refuseniks need to find a new home. But this is practically impossible. In fact, no one needs such pets. If people knew all the nuances, they would not buy them from breeders for 45-60 thousand. Therefore, the myths about non-growing and problem-free mini-pigs are so popular on the Internet. This is business.

– Are there many among Russian breeders who deceive the buyer, attaching to him not a micro pig, but a future big pet?

– The main problem is that people are not ready to devote almost all their free time to their pet. And otherwise it does not work with them. The mini-pig will try to take part in any of your household chores, from cooking to mopping. In the first case, help may end with a bite in response to a refusal in the next treat, in the second – with a spilled bucket and a leak to the neighbors from the bottom. And I immediately gave a couple of examples, and there are a dozen of them a day.

A mini pig is a pet for a person who is not afraid of difficulties and is ready to change and change his life, way of thinking. Naturally, not all members of your family will be delighted with such changes, and you will most likely have to make a choice: say goodbye to the pig or radically change your life.

– It’s no secret that many deceived buyers “give” their recently beloved pet to the slaughterhouse simply because they don’t know how to properly care for it. What does the household routine and care for such an animal consist of? Is it hard to keep him in an apartment, for example?

– I believe that in any case, the pet should remain in the family! Most of the pigs die after parting with the owner. Even if the pig did not end up in a slaughterhouse, but ended up in a shelter or a house in the village, this is not a happy ending. As practice shows, after a couple of months, the pig dies from heart failure. Pigs are very sensitive animals.

A grown up mini pig is a great reason to change your life for the better: move to the suburbs, find a job that allows you to spend more time at home, review your diet (according to the rules for keeping mini pigs, you can’t come into contact with meat, which is quite logical). Unfortunately, most people are not ready for such changes.

– What solution, in your opinion, is the most environmentally friendly and correct in relation to the pig, which turned out to be far from being a micro-pyg?

– I advise future mini-pig buyers to find real owners of real pigs from the nursery, ask them what difficulties they have encountered, whether they recommend getting the same artiodactyl friend. Better yet, find the people who got rid of the gilt from the kennel and find out why they did it. As a rule, after communicating with the owners of “graduates”, the desire to acquire a pig disappears. Starting with the fact that people see a “huge hog” in the photo of the graduate, and the breeder showed completely different pictures and even gave a “guarantee of dwarfism”.

– A person makes a decision to continue to take care of a pet, even if it grows into a massive animal. What do you need to be prepared for?

– To the purchase of a country house, a minivan, the services of a pig for the duration of business trips and vacations. At the same time, it is extremely difficult to find a person who agrees to take care of an adult mini-pig in your absence. Pigs do not want to walk with strangers, from excitement they start to shit at home. It happens even worse – they rush to the “nannies”. There was a case when a woman caring for a mini-pig during the absence of the owners was taken to the hospital with lacerated wounds … After that, Piggy was sent to the farm, since there were children in the family.

– For many, the very desire to have a pygmy pig is a certain status quo, coming from the desire to “not be like everyone else”. Do you agree that having a mini pig is inherently unethical?

– No I do not agree. I don’t think it’s the right decision to give them up. After all, love works wonders! And if you work on yourself and transform your life, then a mini pig can become a true friend and family member for many years to come! A pig is no worse than dogs and cats. It’s just that many people want to “show off”, and then they realize that “the hat is not for Senka.” Mini pigs should only be started by people who are really ready for it! This is not a tribute to fashion and not a way to stand out. This is a way of life. Therefore, when young girls write to the community: “I want a minipig”, I understand that they are simply not in the subject of who they are talking about.

By the way, I also to some extent dedicate my successes in beauty contests to pigs. Over the years, the image of beauties in crowns with “cute” dogs and cats in their arms has been created. I think the real beauty is that people can be kind to all animals. I’m all for beauty without sacrifice. I try to use cosmetics that are not tested on animals and do not contain ingredients of animal origin. I am glad that many beauty contests are switching to “ethical furs” (ecomeh). The image of a beauty in a crown and a sable coat is firmly entrenched in the minds of people looking for gloss and glamour. But it is in our power to change something in this direction. As the saying goes, if you want to change the world, start with yourself.

– What would you like to wish to those who are thinking about buying a mini pig?

– I wish you informed decisions and wisdom!

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