Convinced vegetarian Jeremy Corbyn on going vegan

Speaking at an event hosted by eco-fashion beauty brand Lush, Corbin praised veganism and said he was delighted with the growth and development of the vegan movement, which encourages people to eliminate all animal products from their diet and lifestyle. The leader of the opposition was asked when he himself is going to take the next step after a long vegetarianism.

“This is a fair question. I eat more and more vegan food and have more and more vegan friends. In fact, there are even vegan MPs. There are not many of them, but they are there,” Corbin replied. “I think vegan food has gotten a lot better in recent years. One of my close relatives just went vegan. I came to her house for dinner and it was just great! So now I’m going through a process of transition. I won’t go any other way.”

Some sources have stated that Corbyn had no practical plans to cut or eliminate eggs and milk from his diet before. The leader himself confessed his love for dairy products. Especially for cheese. The incident that occurred at the customs in Mexico is a direct confirmation of this – once a politician was caught smuggling English cheeses. He spoke about it himself without a hint of embarrassment.

Corbin also has difficulty cutting out sweets. He recently shared his recipe for a Christmas cake that contains a lot of eggs and butter.

At the Lush event, Corbin was seen chatting with Queen guitarist Brian May, who is a vegetarian and animal rights activist.

Jeremy Corbyn stopped eating meat at the age of 20. While working on a pig farm, he witnessed animal cruelty. This affected him so strongly that when he became a politician, he began to urge people to follow his example.

Last March, Corbyn performed at the British Kebab Awards, which has been honoring the best kebabs in the UK for five years. He called on barbecue and kebab lovers to add salad to their meals, as it is important for everyone to eat a balanced diet.

“I’m always very happy to be in a barbecue where I can enjoy excellent falafel,” he said.

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