Vegetarian cuisine rules

1. Vegetarian dishes should be well prepared and look appetizing. 2. It is necessary to sit down at the table in a good mood and avoid dishes prepared in an atmosphere of irritability and bad mood. 3. Cold raw food in the cold season must be warmed to room temperature before eating. 4. Cooked raw food cannot be stored for a long time. 5. Fruits, nuts should be eaten before dinner, and not after, then they will be better absorbed and will be more usefully used by the body. 6. Chew food thoroughly, this contributes to better absorption. 7. Carefully observe cleanliness: vegetables and fruits must be thoroughly washed, then peeled, cut off all sluggish, diseased, spoiled areas and wash well again before use. 8. Greens, nuts, fruits are not crushed much, otherwise they quickly lose their flavor. 9. Rules when choosing vegetables and fruits: – less is better, but better; – sluggish, broken, rotten, overripe – harmful; – unripe fruits are not useful; – greenhouse vegetables are less useful than those grown in the open field; – should be preferred brightly colored to pale. Try to take these tips into account when transitioning to a vegetarian diet, and the positive results of healthy eating will not be long in coming. The complexion will improve, the growth of hair and nails will accelerate, body weight will normalize, muscles will become stronger, the work of the stomach and intestines will become normal, blood circulation will improve, nerves will calm down, working capacity, endurance will increase, hearing, vision, memory will improve. Vegetarianism helps to cleanse the body, normalizes the composition of the blood.

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