Ayurvedic recommendations in spring

Highly Recommended reduce the consumption of sweet, sour and salty tastes. “Why?” – you ask. The sweet taste has the qualities of heaviness, coldness, and moisture, with the sweet taste being the coldest, heaviest, and wettest of the six tastes. The sour taste has the quality of wetness, while the salty taste has the quality of wetness and heaviness. Namely, the qualities of heaviness, humidity and cold are now manifested in nature, therefore, by consuming such tastes, we will further increase these qualities, which will lead to imbalance and health problems. Therefore, these tastes, like all heavy and oily foods, should be significantly reduced or eliminated. This is especially true for sweets, sugar, white flour baked goods, cheese, dairy products in general, potatoes, fish and meat. Salt does not need to be completely excluded from the diet, we usually do not eat it in large quantities, but you do not need to get carried away with salt. Himalayan pink salt is considered the best salt.

Food should be light, dried, warm. Be sure to use pungent, astringent and bitter tastes, they will balance our condition. Spices will help with this – for example, pepper, ginger, cumin, asafoetida, cloves, turmeric, basil, bitter herbs.

Featured Products – long-grain types of rice (for example, basmati), barley (barley groats and barley), mung or mung dal (peeled mung bean), old wheat, buckwheat, millet, corn, honey. Honey, although sweet, has the qualities of lightness and dryness, and also has an astringent taste. Old honey, the one that stood for more than a year after collection, promotes weight loss, reduction of adipose tissue. Barley also has this property – to reduce adipose tissue.

It is recommended to use a small amount of water – drink when you are thirsty. A drink with ginger or honey is perfect, as well as decoctions or infusions of bitter herbs.

You say: “There is practically nothing!”. But think about it: it’s not just that Great Lent takes place in the spring, but in order to cleanse the body of heavy food and toxins accumulated over the winter and start the processes of self-regulation of the body.

Caponata with barley –

Polenta with tomatoes and pesto

My favorite kichri –

Tea with spices –

Great physical activity, physical exercise and sports activities, long walks are highly recommended. Physical activity in the form of cleaning, household chores is also very good. In addition, it will add the energy of renewal to your life.

Avoid daytime naps.

Walk more and enjoy the awakening of nature.

The procedure of applying ubtans (powder of flour and herbs) on the body with active massage movements is very favorable. This improves blood circulation and prevents clogging of the channels, and also has a beneficial effect on the skin. Ubtan can be bought ready-made or made from oatmeal, mung bean, chickpea flour (wheat and rye flour will not work). You can add a little bit of clay, chamomile, coriander, turmeric to ubtan. Before application, 1 tablespoon of the dry mixture is diluted with warm water to the state of sour cream, applied to the body, except for the hairy parts, then washed off with water.

To cleanse the eyes of mucus, it is very good to carry out a course of instillation, for example, drops of Udzhal at night.

In the spring, people have a penchant for amorous affairs and sexual activity is favorable, but not more than once every three days.

May spring be filled with love and joy.

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