Treasured peace of mind

Achieving harmony within oneself is a wonderful state, to which, consciously or unconsciously, every person on Earth strives. But the path to finding inner peace, at times, is given to us with great anxiety and is capable of driving us into a dead end.

What are the basic steps to achieve peace within yourself and with others?

1. Simplify

1) Do not overload the to-do list: highlight 2-3 of the highest priorities. 2) Set limits. For example, the limit for checking incoming emails. On weekends I do it once. Set a time frame for making ordinary, non-global decisions within a minute after you think about them. In this way, you avoid procrastination and over-rewinding of the same thought. Set aside 15 minutes a day to use social media. 3) Write on an interactive whiteboard or A4 sheet, place it prominently in your room. A simple reminder that helps when you start to go astray.” 2. Accept

When you accept what is happening, you stop wasting energy on resistance. You no longer raise the potential of the problem in your mind by making it heavier and more serious. Accepting the situation does not mean giving up. This means you are putting yourself in a better position to take action if needed. Now that you have a clearer view of the situation, you can focus your energy on what you want and take intelligent action to change the situation.

3. Farewell

Gerald Yampolsky

It is difficult to overestimate the importance of the ability to forgive. As long as we have not forgiven someone, we are connected with that person. In our thoughts, we will return to our offender again and again. The emotional connection between the two of you in this case is very strong and causes suffering not only to you, but often to the people around you. By forgiving, we release ourselves from this person, as well as the torment associated with him. It is worth noting here that as much as it is necessary to forgive others, it is just as important. By letting go of everything that you have not forgiven yourself for a week, year, 10 years, you are letting a new creative habit into your life. And forgiving others gradually becomes easier for you.

4. Do what you love

Roger Karas

When you are doing what you enjoy, peace and harmony naturally arise. You are in harmony with the outside world. And here many people ask the question “How to find what you really love?”. The answer is simple and complex at the same time: . Be curious, don’t be afraid to try new things, gain experience.

5. The power of love

Strong will and core play an important role in establishing peace and inner peace. In the context of this topic, willpower is seen as the control of thoughts, the choice of such thinking that promotes harmony, and not self-abasement.

  • Pay attention to your thoughts throughout the day with mindfulness practice.
  • When you catch yourself having a destructive thought, stop.
  • Switch to thoughts that give you a sense of peace

Remember: you can make a choice in favor of harmonizing thoughts.

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