Transcend. Nine Steps Towards Eternal Life. Ray Kurzweil, Terry Grossman

Recently a book was published in Russian, which four years ago changed my attitude towards my health and lifestyle –“Transcend. Nine Steps Towards Eternal Life “

The authors are the brilliant inventor, futurist scientist Ray Kurzweil (who is now in charge of the future at Google) and Terry Grossman, MD, founder of the American longevity clinic.

They once proved to me that simple changes in my lifestyle will help me live longer for several decades, until the moment when science can make me immortal.

You may or may not believe in endless life, but I would very much like to live to be 100-120 years old, remaining vigorous, active, healthy and mentally sane. Therefore, I try to follow the simple recommendations of the authors. By the way, I met one of them, Terry, personally and interviewed him. You can read it at this link.


I am glad that the publisher commissioned me to write the preface to the Russian-language version, and I really hope that you will read this book!

I promise it will do you a lot of good !!!!

Buy paper and digital versions of the book “Transcend. Nine Steps Towards Eternal Life ”can be found here.

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